After the spanking-Orgy of four young asylum seekers in Amberg, search the question now arises: What happens to the alleged offenders, who are sitting in detention?

According to police, four young refugees, two of whom come from Afghanistan, one from Iran and one from Syria have attacked, on Saturday evening, between 18.45 and 20.45 choice – and for a reason passers-by and a total of twelve people were injured. Against 21 o’clock, the alleged attackers had been arrested.

< p > the deportation of the accused Is possible?

“A deportation is currently completely excluded. Also as asylum-seekers and the migrants enjoy in this Phase of protection by the right of asylum,“ said migration expert Klaus Dienelt on request by FOCUS Online. In contrast to asylum seekers asylum seekers have made an application for asylum. Legally, asylum seekers would be treated the end, however, such as asylum seekers. And during an ongoing procedure, in principle, no one may be deported.

An exception is theoretically possible, if an accused person standing, for example, in the justified suspicion of a crime against humanity, a war crime, or a serious political crime committed.

Also Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann confirmed that the four young men currently can not be deported. Currently, the deportation was “not yet in none of the cases is legally possible,” said Herrmann on Wednesday. “We set all levers in motion to change that.”

The public Prosecutor’s office in Amberg, declared on request by FOCUS Online, the investigation against the accused is currently on charge of dangerous bodily harm under section 223 of the criminal code. Against one of the accused will also be determined on the basis of allegations of assaulting a law enforcement official, as well as insult. “These allegations are far from the exceptions, which are immediately deported can be,” migration law expert Dienelt.

A deportation is generally only possible if an accused person is convicted of a criminal Offence, and the asylum procedure is completed.

Can lose the accused their asylum or refugee status?

The legal protection against the deportation of refugees also lose, when the asylum or refugee status can be withdrawn. The prerequisite for this is, according to the residence act, for example, if the Person is convicted of a crime to a minimum of three years ‘ imprisonment, and therefore as a “danger to the security of Germany” or as a “danger to the community” has been determined.

the age of the young people Is definitely?

The possible penalties for a conviction for grievous bodily harm depends, among other things, how old the perpetrators are. According to “current knowledge” to be prisoners, according to the Prosecutor’s office between 17 and 19 years old. A reliable information about the age, however, is only possible, if the files of the competent foreigners are authorities submitted to it, the spokesman said, the Amberg office of the public Prosecutor. He did not rule out a forensic medical examination.

Should vote in the age of information, could be sentenced the accused according to the prosecution as a juvenile to imprisonment of up to five years, as an adolescent, up to ten years.

which one of the perpetrators has anyone hurt?

did not want to comment While the police injured twelve usually, and on an outpatient basis to voice treating head injury, the Prosecutor’s office for investigation reasons, to the concrete history of the attacks. Currently, the speech is only two attacks at 18.45 and two further attacks against 20.45. The accused should not have been under the influence of alcohol to the alleged Murders is “irrelevant”. An accurate statement could not be the result of a chemical-Toxicological examination of blood samples taken.

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