Clear: You could use the money certainly useful and very healthy for the fine dust bombs are not. But fireworks heard for many times now, as well as Dinner for One or Raclette.

What is me, but every year to a white heat : The idiots who don’t clean up their exploded remains.

Who is taking a stroll on new year’s morning by the city’s parks, wetlands and city streets, tracks and rods his way through the empty champagne bottles, angekohlte rockets-wood, half-full plastic bags with trash and fireworks debris. Until the cleaners arrive in company strength, rum is the stuff.

  • major cities tons of waste .
  • Extra layers, extra cleaning forces and special vehicles huge costs .
  • The environmental impact is enormous.

these are the facts.

the matter-of-fact new year’s eve is yet to come-anarchists. the According to the Motto: After me, the deluge. A great Start to the new year!

the thing would be so easy: Everyone clear the rubbish away that he caused. This is not a freestyle, this is the responsibility and legal obligation.

And now I have questions: firecrackers residual waste. And the rest of the garbage belongs where? Exactly …

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit COP Drama dies in accident on A61 – parting words of colleagues are heartbreaking


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