is to have No Sex before marriage to be anything that you dream up in the head, and for the arguments, such as, for example, in the case of a political Conviction. I grew up with this setting, the quasi-large. My parents are both pastors in a Church. That’s worth the Wait, you have not given me but as a Dogma. Because this feeling was never of the “you can’t” or “you must”, because there is no theoretical Superstructure. The theme was more subtle there, and then dipped with age, especially from puberty, here and there, specifically in the community life changes in the youth club, time for discussions in smaller groups. Sex – that was nothing to what we have giggled, or what would have been a need to somehow be embarrassing. That was a wonderful thing, Large. And this Wonderful, Great it was to share a day with the people that God had in mind.

I have no Problem with it, to be different

of Course, there were times when it was quite easy to pursue this course of action. When exactly it started, I do not know – probably, as the first classmates had a boyfriend and on the pill . And quite important from the Sex told. Important but not in the sense of “it’s a little Large for me, for us.” When they wanted to brag and show how great they were – more likely in my opinion, if you are reported.

I’ve always held back, when the talks were on the topic, has me God had made it to the edge of the figure. Admittedly, I’m someone who has no Problem to be different – on the contrary. If I’m talking today with friends about the time you confirm for me: “You were never unsure, have broadcast this certain Belief”. No, the time of youth, with all its freedoms and pleasures is by no means gone past me.

then Later, in my early twenties, it happened more and more often, I was in disbelief looked at: “How, please? You’ve never had Sex?” A like I, had opportunities enough, I got to hear, and the question of why I had not used.

Sex has become for many a Hobby

Always strange to me appeared now, how people their sexual experiences in front of carry as trophies. “I believe in the great love,” I said. Sometimes I led to illustrate a comparison: “If I go to the Store, don’t I, after all, the Tester is in the front of the shelf and some in the hands. Quite deliberately, I reach to the back. Take the Original packaging. Just as I hope one day my husband,” I said. And I wanted to be the same for him.

The purchase-I think that’s why so suitable, because it says a lot about our society. Self-optimization is an important issue. Everyone always wants the Best, the Biggest, the wants to the other to overtake. Of course, this urge is probably part of human nature; but that is no excuse to let him run free. Just in love the pursuit of the Maximum for a lot of the Problem, I think. A huge pressure builds up. Complete Compare with the other makes you unhappy, makes you restless and, not infrequently disappointed.

it seems to Me sometimes, Sex has become for many a Hobby. To Try techniques and constant Weighing-up: “Where am I? How good am I now?” If we talk then Collect from the experience, we not clear what the consequences. We live according to the pleasure principle. At first it sounds not bad. What is that supposed to be bad to Lust? But who thinks of that will agree with me when I question: How should someone who has lived for many years, later a faithful loving husband or a faithful wife?

Deep Inside, I knew that The Wait will be Added to pay off

, sometimes it was hard to remain steadfast. There were guys that were flirting with me and it was what I started to like it. With one, type good-looking Macho with changing partner inside, it came to discussions of principle. He wanted to convince me of his Lifestyle, tell me, what escaped me. I explained to him the other way, what I believed, what was wrong with him, and one day would always be missing. “You’re a seeker, and will make you increasingly restless,” I said. Not without deep doubt inside again and again, however: What if he was right, and I really something escaped?

It was also my ambition that helped me, this thing, I think to myself. We take the music, a field in which I have consistently pursued my goals. Between 15 and 25, I played professionally drums in Bands. As a drummer, I was respected just by men – almost shy-me-Look up to. You could say, this circumstance has also ensured that flirt partner, remained at a distance. But in the end, was the main reason for my hold out, that I knew deep inside: The Wait will be worth it.

At the first Meeting, I knew immediately: He is it!

And so it was. 25-I met David in a Christian Online Forum. To me, it was soon clear that he is the famous needle in a haystack. It was just incredibly nice to meet someone with the same values as mine.

I know, it is something that the absolute rarity, so slowly. Not “check out”, as it is sometimes called, but to make a real effort to recognize the Interior of his essence. In some ways, the Online contact was very beneficial. For two weeks David and I have written to the us only. I knew neither his voice, nor had I except this, a photo, an idea of how it occurred. At the first Meeting, but I knew immediately: He is it! Outer attractiveness is only one, I mean. We stood and we knew that we are each other’s thought, of God. have> That we have slept up to our wedding, nine months later, already requires a lot of self-discipline. For this we were rewarded as it was, in the Nicest possible way. None of us were there any uncertainties or Complex, because the other one was may be more experienced and thus “better”. No Present and On Display was the no heart was intrinsic in the sense of “Look what I can offer you,” and our Sex. More of a common’em out, see and Try. And in a great deal of mutual respect and full of honest closeness.

Which was more, it was something that we grow together could make on the basis of our “virginity”. I am convinced that The Experience is much stronger, more intense, than what other people mean when they speak of “fun”. Our marriage is God’s perfect Plan – this is how I see it. And I see how the do without me, by the way, for other areas of life greatly. For the Job, for example. You don’t need to have everything immediately, as our society so often the Weis wants to make. I think the Waiting is good Training for the character and the personality development.

In the FOCUS Online These Sex mistakes not only make young people

On the 14. February is Valentine’s day.

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