you earn a living on the Internet. To share part of Private and anonymous followers, belongs to the business model. Today, however, the otherwise familiar environment was to be disastrous for them. A Hacker has published the contact details of several popular Youtubers on a now-deleted Twitter Account. Mixed-Martial-Arts-YouTuber Mirco Rosik (210.000 subscribers) is one of the Victims of the Mega-Hacks.

FOCUS Online Mirco, as you have of the Hacker attack know?

Mirco Rosik: I was contacted by some Fans on Instagram, and I get Screenshots sent to you. At the beginning I thought it was some kind of Fake, but I have seen then with the time that you have to take more serious than I thought.

FOCUS Online : What are the data published by the hackers?

Mirco Rosik: contacts, Bank maps and pictures. The images are faked.

FOCUS Online : you Can explain how the Person came to your data?

Mirco Rosik: not to be Honest. My passwords have not been so bad, but maybe you have just passed. Today’s methods are terrifying, to crack passwords.

FOCUS Online Why do you think has the interest of the hackers straight to you?

Mirco Rosik: I’m not going to let anyone. I tell my opinion and maybe some people didn’t fit.

FOCUS Online : What did you feel when you learned of the Cyber attack?

Mirco Rosik: It was not a shock of course, because I knew exactly what was released and how far the Hack goes. I mean, I have nothing to hide, but the intimate information are nobody’s business. I was mad – but, fortunately, was much of the stuff is fake.

“Our society doesn’t appreciate the risks of the Internet really is a”

FOCUS Online you Need to now cell phone number and change passwords?

Mirco Rosik: My alleged phone number, which was published, fortunately, the wrong, therefore I do not need to change. My passwords I have changed, of course, all of them at once, and much safer. So far I’ve given out barely Eight, but my Agency “Black Com Group”, has shown me today, first of all, what is a secure password. This is also interesting for all other, to protect themselves against hacker attacks:

How was that? A combination with a minimum of 10 characters, Uppercase and lowercase letters, Numbers and at least one special character. Also, never use the same password for different things used!

FOCUS Online do you Feel generally safe?

Mirco Rosik: After this incident the feeling of security in any case is weak. If you think about it: all The politicians who have been hacked should not be protected usually better? I don’t think our company estimates that the risks of the Internet correctly.

policy-YouTuber wants to make a complaint

Among the victims is a politically interested YouTuber with a high three-digit number of subscribers, the – don’t want to read in order not to endanger his privacy – his name in the press. He told FOCUS Online that he had changed after the data Leak immediately his passwords, and now plan to make a complaint. His hope: “Because of the Dimension of the Whole, the chances of getting an education is very high.”

Its the Hacker published the private phone number he doesn’t want to change anyway – and that, although since then, complete strangers call in to him. The reason: “because I’ve had it for a very long time and because I had published in the course of the imprint obligation.” The strategy of the YouTubers: “I’m trying to now just get through.“

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex shock for the singer: His Snack Shack was brutally attacked, pk


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