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Three young people die in accident on the B180 in Zeitz

The year began in Zeitz with a tragedy that shook a lot of Zeitz: In the case of a serious accident on the B180 in Zeitz, three young people came in the beginning of February killed. An 18-Year-old motorist drove his car against a tree, he and his 17-year-old passenger died on the spot. Another 17-Year-old died later in hospital from their severe injuries.

The police investigation later revealed that the 18-Year-old with the intention of was a snake hazards. Previously, the high school students with peers were celebrated in a Zeitzer Club Abi-Party, to raise money for the graduation Ball.

man in stabbing in Zeitz difficult

injured in A stabbing caused a stir in September 2018 for riots in the city. A 37-Year-old injured in the Voigt place by stitches in the chest hard, survived only by a Notperation. The victim and his companions were to attack on the Altmarkt square, on-the-go, as according to witness descriptions, a 20 – to 30-year-old man “of Mediterranean appearance” of him, first verbally, then physically. A perpetrator has not been able to identify the police until today.

thieves steal the 12,000-gallon Pool from the garden

probably The three most theft in the summer of 2018, has occurred also in Zeitz. Thieves stole from a garden on the Focke dorfer reason, a brand new swimming pool. The water from the pool, with a capacity of at least 12,000 liters of water, let the thieves just run. And Tina Ogrosky and Ronny Günter, the owners of the Pools, were suddenly caught on the Dry.

Only about a week later, then a surprising turnaround: The Pool is back. The police came to the thief according to an anonymous note on the track: In the basement of a multi-family house in Elsteraue, the parts of the pool were. The 39-Year-old suspect was already in police.

keep out of Trouble in the Goethe Park

dog feces, garbage, consumption of alcohol in public space – this is a constant theme was 2018. The place where everything comes together, was always in the Goethe Park. It was especially bad in the summer, as the dog waste piles were a burden for local residents and passers-by.

At this point, the passage to the love street servant, it is now the end of the year is actually better. Thanks but this is a private Initiative. Now the paper, however, are baskets consistently stuffed with garbage bags. This includes empty liquor bottles come, around the Playground, and trash in the entire Park. And shortly after the tours of the city cleaning it looks.

Illegal garbage dumps

Whether in the Posaer street, in the Focke dorfer reason, on Hiking trails or in Zangenberg – garbage dumps. The Zeitz angry in the past year. Often the garbage has been left, it lay there, but shortly after that, again new. And the range of to be disposed of, things ranged from the house, garbage bags with plastic waste, Sofas and other bulky items to electrical appliances and car tires.

A perennial favorite of the former municipality houses Zangenberg, whose environment has been cleared several times here. But now, at the end of the year, the area around the decaying houses at the Zeitz road again an illegal landfill.

The never-ending story to Zeitz’ job sites

roadworks and closures are in Zeitz, a never-ending story. Especially the weißenfelser street has attracted this year the minds. Here is being built for 2017. Due to the full closure of almost all of the track, which is adjacent to roads in the past few months, sometime illegal redirection. This caused a lot of Trouble for the residents.

calm returned only when the last phase of construction was begun, and it no longer made sense to use the unofficial routes. Good news, there is also the road could not be released in this year officially, but it is actually passable. Construction was originally supposed to be in the autumn of 2019. (mz)

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