FOCUS Online: you are since 20 years in show business actively and have already experienced a lot. You still have goals you want to achieve by 2019?

DJ Ötzi: I have reached in my career already so much. That would be almost impertinent, if I would now. But if my destiny is now free of desires, then, especially once the that I with my Album for the anniversary, on 4. January 2019 to appear, the hearts of my Fans to reach. We have long worked with the big Hits and lesser known Songs re-recorded and adapted to the times. And then, of course, is what all crave – health.

FOCUS Online: you had not only highs in life, but also Deep. They were at one time homeless. How has she influenced?

DJ Özti: I’m not all in life is rosy. In retrospect, I had no Chance – but I wanted to use. I made a apprenticeship as a Chef and then I come across a Karaoke for the music, because I wanted to impress a girl. I can make the Minus a strong Plus. I am the love God very grateful. Also, if it is so bad, there’s always kind of a solution. If it is at the very bottom, you think, of course, why it caught you? Should be all over? In the meantime, I’ve made my peace with the old time.

FOCUS Online: a musician, to be her goal was not in the first place.

DJ Ötzi: came to The music relatively late stage in my life. As I’ve discovered myself that I can do more. The key experience for me was when in a nightclub to a song I have sung, and since 40 of people have applauded. Because by the time I got to the fact that I can do more than just cook or what I have in me. I was able to inspire people with my music. I had not trusted me before. As I’ve realized that I can do this, then, was, of course, my goal is to come up to the stage. To have the success of the past twenty years to be number 1 in England and Australia, to Germany, Austria to the top of the Charts, so you can’t wish for you to have a huge career. This is really exceptional. Electrola (Universal Music)

FOCUS Online: In the Song “Anton aus Tirol” have tried to in front of you 15 other singers – they were all unsuccessful.

DJ Ötzi: I ask myself often: What is it, what do I do differently? Why is it brought me so much happiness? Why can’t I do wonderful things? To “Anton aus Tirol” have been tried before a number of singers, but it never became successful. The “star that bears your name…” as that was 12 years in the drawer. Today, the Song is the most successful Single, which appeared ever in Germany.

FOCUS Online: How do you manage to stay in place on the ground?

DJ Ötzi: There are a few principles that I always follow. I’m not going to take may, for example, never used drugs, I drink even a SIP of alcohol. I must always stay with both feet on the ground, in order to earn my success.

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FOCUS Online: you Can listen to your own music or you say: no, now it’s enough?

DJ Ötzi: In any case, I like listening to my own music. Artists that have Hits, and then the loved one would deny, I think mies. With his Songs, it brings in the course of a career people so much joy and is the best reward of all. There are critics who reduce my Songs on Après-Ski entertainment, to Party favors, but for me it is much, much more. If you dealt a little more with DJ Ötzi, then one understands that much more under my hood than you initially think, and in many texts more statements, than you think at first Listen.

FOCUS Online: does it Bother you that they are often simply labelled as “Après-Ski singer”?

DJ Ötzi: Party music is, of course, a big part, but in another large part of it is, of course, to the Emotional. You need to quiet things, that you can be loud. You need cheerful things, that you are also sad to be allowed.

FOCUS Online: What kind of music do you listen to privately?

DJ Ötzi: Privately, I love the music of Zucherro. Meanwhile, I also listen often to my music. I hear many old stories of the songs that I made many years ago. Since I was a former DJ, I have a completely different approach to music. I don’t just hear A-sides, B-sides.

FOCUS Online: Can you imagine a life without music at all? There is another Job that you want to exercise?

DJ Ötzi: A life after music? Then I’m dead. Music is my only drug, if one may call it so. It makes me happy, but sometimes sad. But it’s also time to get back to the top. Without The Music? Not in my life! Of course, I can imagine, to have a different Job. But as long as I still feel the love and energy of the Fans, my focus clearly on the music.

The anniversary double-Album “20 years of DJ Ötzi – Party without end” appears on the 4. January 2019.

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