Up to 270 sea container are up to mischief since the day before yesterday, in the North sea. The almost 400-metre-long, under the flag of Panama current ship “MSC Zoe” had lost the cargo to travel from Antwerp to Bremerhaven in the storm. Also hazardous goods went overboard. The the for maritime emergencies, the competent Central command for Maritime emergencies said this morning.

three of dangerous goods containers is according to the Dutch coast guard. Reports to the information of the yard, are loaded in it, so the media quote of the barrels with dangerous Dibenzoyl-peroxide, which is used to manufacture plastic.

tonight, put the “MSC Zoe” at 0:35 PM in Bremerhaven, accompanied by the multi purpose ship “Neuwerk” of the CCME. Meanwhile, the search for the lost Container continues, went before the island of Borkum in the water. The “MSC Zoe” is 396 metres in length and 59 m in width, one of the largest Mega-carriers in the world. The Swiss shipyard, MSC has contracted a salvage company.

children’s car seats, rims, and clothes have already been washed up on the Dutch North sea beach. In addition, furniture that has been flooded. Whole beach littered sections. Since Tuesday 21 containers have been stranded on the Dutch coast. In German waters so far, six of the Board fallen containers were spotted.

The MSC ZOE to the container loss in the North sea © haverie command float Lost Container ship travel

What are the universe of the scrap of disused satellites for the world’s oceans Unidentified Floating Objects, in short UFOs threaten. This large floating debris endangered the ship traffic.

The containerized seaborne trade has grown, according to a study by the American Office of National Marine Sanctuaries alone from 1985 to 2007 eight times. Worldwide, around five to six million containers are currently at sea on the way. The details of how many of them go during the trip, lost will vary depending on the source and interest group.

The lowest official number is from the World Shipping Council (WSC), where one starts from 350 to 675 that has fallen overboard sea vessels per year. This number is likely to be understated, as well as some environmental organizations placed the number too high is likely to be, where 20,000 lost containers. You researched statements of various insurers and shipping companies and added information in messages, and you have 7,500 to 10,000 containers per year lost. The statement “a few Thousand” is probably the most reliable.

Mr-free Container © US Coast Guard float

Although the Container against Excessive multiple are secured, include losses to the agenda. Rarely, a single container adopted: Mostly all the towers to tilt the same into the water, since they are connected via so-called twist Locks. The “Svendborg Maersk”, reported in 2014, after a storm, around 500 lost boxes. Many of them go immediately after falling Overboard on depth.

Some, however, to the lurking danger and swim days, weeks or even months just under the surface of the water and are barely visible. It is assumed that the driving containers make probably the most of the UFOs, and be sure they also cause the greatest damage. A Carbon Racer has at the high speeds that are reached in the deep-sea sailing, no Chance against the steel behemoths.

Particularly deep-sea sailors

are at risk In almost every ocean regatta, there are collisions with so-called UFO, short for Unidentified Floating Objects, that is to say non-identified floating objects. In the case of the Vendée Globe, it got off to 2016/2017, it has again caught some of the participants. Alex Thomson was already a few days after the Start on the Atlantic ocean, in the lead, a Foil.

Thomas Ruyant, it is caught in the Pacific ocean even worse: After a collision with a UFO on his Yacht threatened to “Le Souffle du Nord pour Le Projet Imagine” to break apart. With effort he was able to save to the Australian coast. Previously Kito de Pavant had to have been from his racing yacht salvaged, because by a collision with an unknown object nearly the whole of the keel was torn off.

The list of collisions of boats with objects floating in the sea, is always greater: Vincent Riou hit it again, Sebastien Jossé was able to repair after a UFO Crash to be rowing first, then had to give up the Vendée. The same befell also Lagravière Morgan. These failures are due to UFOs are not miracles, because of the dangers that wait under the surface of the water, is on the rise.

the damage caused by UFO © Thomas Ruyant / Vendée Globe float damage caused by the UFO © Thomas Ruyant / Vendée Globe float Migratory whales

The statistical Chance of colliding with a whale, appears at first glance to be low. It happens again and again and more and more often. In September 2016, a German sailor on his 7-foot boat collided with a humpback whale – and not on the open ocean, but a few nautical miles from the island of Rügen. The whale, who lived as a Irrgast in the Greifswalder Bodden, had not noticed the boat in rough weather, apparently.

In contrast to the widespread assumption that marine mammals can Dodge slow sailing yachts in places and in time have proven scientific studies to the contrary. Whales listen only to the front: they are to the rear of the “deaf” and can’t tell the difference between sea state and ship motions.

more and more often we hear of whales by man-made noise levels are under water increasingly disoriented. Some species of whales cannot swim faster than three knots, sperm whales sleep during the ascent phase, and the half of the brain is inactive – all factors so that the marine mammals to be from the point of view of boaters UFOs.

© Ail Lynn, float

The faster the yacht, the more likely it is, then it comes to clashes. At least that’s the result of a study by the whale and Dolphin conservation Association sea e. V., for the marine biologist Fabian Ritter has 123 reports of collisions or near collisions between boats and whales will be evaluated. In 26 percent of cases, the yachts sailed between 10 to 25 knots. The high speed of the boats explains the significant increase in the number of collisions (see chart) between ever-faster sailing yachts and whales in the last few years. The details of the insurer Pantaenius, however, no reason to worry: There is reported per year, on average, a collision with a whale.

a Significant increase in the number of collisions © sea e. V. a float From the tree trunk to the fishing nets

The best evidence that it is not UFO collisions of individual cases, is probably Vincent Riou. In the current Vendée Globe, a Crash with an unknown object and forced the winner of 2004 to Give up. Against four previously, in 2012, collided, he at the same Regatta in the middle of the open sea with a broken-away driving water ton and had to then finish the race.

Anything that floats can make a boat: fishing boats lose Well in heavy seas, nets, containers and other. Tree trunks drifting for weeks, wandering around. Also, recently, become known Trash vortexes in the oceans can leave a mild and fragile racing yachts damage. Also, wreckage of ships and bustle often for a long time at sea and can be dangerous.

General cargo ships lose in heavy weather everything is Possible from the canister up to the Euro-pallet. In 2003, the Yacht “monsoon decreased at the Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge”. She was beaten after a collision leak, probably with a Palette. The Crew could be rescued from the liferaft.

left behind sailing yachts

up stray boats that were abandoned on the high seas after an accident, unexpectedly. So a keel of which was on new year’s eve of the year of 2018, the top end of a sail boat blowing off the coast of Kangaroo Island North-West of Adelaide in Australia found. The still in striking Orange beam at the end was the Yacht as the “Wild Eyes” will be identified. The GRP boat drifted for eight years in the Indian ocean. Skipper the 16-year-old Abby Sunderland, which was salvaged after a storm from your entmasteten boat.

finally, the boats of the Golden Globe Race sailors Abhilash Tommy and Susie Goodall in the Southern Ocean manoeuvring had been left behind unable. No one knows if, when, and by whom the boats are salvaged.

Classic driftwood © private float Effective protection seems to be impossible

deep-sea sailors can work out all the possible situations and scenarios such as broken mast, leaks, or man-Over-Board situations to prepare. Collision with a UFO on the lake, however, can not practice, because of the different consequences that may occur afterwards. Nifty technical surveillance systems such as Radar and AIS will only collect everything above the water surface. To protect against debris and other UFOS, then, is simply impossible.

Nevertheless, there are deep-sea sailors no cause for concern: The probability of collision at sea with an unknown object, is statistically very low. Thousands of ships sailing the seas every year, about the world, and only very rarely it comes down to the lake to collisions, especially not in the speed areas of cruising sailors.

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