The good news: most of a date-bound holidays are employee-friendly in the week – if you distribute your vacation days, you come up with 32 days of leave to a total of 67 days of vacation. Only the 6. January, Holy Three kings, falls on a Sunday. This concerns only Employees in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt, where this day is a legal holiday.

The most important holidays

The labour day on 1. May fall 2019 on a Wednesday . This means Two days of holiday, with a total of five free days.

more of the day of German unity (3. October) Thursday . With a day, there’s a long weekend over four days.

Also on the calendar wall days, which are only in some States public holidays are cheap: assumption of Mary (15. August 2019) and reformation day (31. October) fall on Thursday , all saints ‘ day (1. November) to Friday .

Always good for a weekend the ascension of Christ (30. May 2019) : 40 days after Easter, this Covenant falls wide holiday reliably on a Thursday . PDF make a career and a Top salary earning In PDF guide you can find all the information about career management, self-marketing and how you can increase your chances of success in a targeted manner.To the PDF guide

corpus Christi in some of the länder

corpus Christi (20 is always on Thursdays. June 2019) . Only employees in

  • Bavaria
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Hesse
  • North Rhine-however, Westfalen,
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Saarland as well as
  • in Parts of Thuringia and of Saxony.

Easter 10 day holiday with four days of holiday

fixed sizes in the bridge, days of the calendar are Easter and Pentecost. Employees take the four days before good Friday (19. April 2019) , you have until Easter Monday, a total of ten days at a stretch.

Pentecost offering, thanks to the free whit Monday (10. June 2019) , a slightly longer holiday.

2,5 days of holiday at Christmas, nine days

Particularly well in 2019, the Christmas days . You fall on Wednesday and Thursday . the Christmas eve on Tuesday is a working day. In many companies, employees must, however, take only half a day free. In the ideal case, Workers come around the Festival with two and a half holiday days on nine days off including the weekends.

4,5 holidays bring almost> two weeks vacation

new year’s day, 2020 falls on Wednesday . A good way to build a bridge to the new year.

If you all want to have: Who is allowed to take?

In the workforce, the bridge days are of course desirable. That there can be time conflicts, is clear. How is the legal situation? In principle, the following applies: The employer must grant the leave requested and has not justified when he does it. Often, but can’t stay away for any number of employees at the same time, because otherwise, the operation will be disturbed.

Then the company has to make a decision. There are different criteria conceivable. “Often, the principle is: first come, first served”, says Manuela Beck, a specialist lawyer for labour law in Cologne. PDF 10 fatal mistakes when sick

Our PDF guide will show you tips on the subject of sick message, and how to behave in a legally correct manner. report Plus: The ten most common mistakes.

PDF guide

In the case of grievances, the employer

decides there’s still strife, is determined by the employer. An important criterion is the question of what is the holiday entitlement of social protection is worthy – this description is also in the law. “This can be criteria, such as school-age children,” says Beck.

must be produced a certain balance, explains the lawyer. Who had, for example, in the past, vacation over Easter, have to do any changes in the back.

A tip of the expert: Who has certain reasons for his holiday, it should specify in its request. Only then the employer can take them into account in the decision.

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