Microsoft’s Windows can do far more than you think! Some security-relevant functions in popular operating system but a shadowy existence. With the following tips, you can test the waters in the Depths of Windows, so sometimes the one or the other feature that you thought up to now, you would not even exist!

1. The GodMode

The “GodMode” is, as it were, the ark of the secret functions. This already exists since Vista, and is aimed at professional users who want to get the Maximum out of your Windows. There are several ways to enable this, the easiest is to click on the Windows Icon on the left, click the letter “L” to enter, and then click the blue text “system control”. Here you will get a comprehensive view of everything that goes on in the Interior of your Windows, and can self-adjust the sensitive settings individually.

There is also another way, the function “GodMode” access: create on your Desktop a new folder (right-click, then click “New” and “folder”) and then call this: All tasks.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} . About the Icon, you can open the settings. The Person

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2. On-screen display

to improve, in Particular, for all, the wish for a perfect display of photos, or Videos, helps the Trick: Press the Windows key together with the letter “R”. Enter then in the window that opens, the “dccw”. Then, the color balance, adjustment of Windows, with the help of which you can individually change the color scheme opens. Also Ideal for graphic designers, who depend on a particularly authentic representation of colors.

3. Problems of Windows record

you have the presumption that a specific Windows Problem always appears, if you perform a certain activity, or a command? It is best if you record Windows live. Only the fewest people know, that is easily accessible directly through the Windows by pressing the Windows key + R and then “psr”, enter. The problem steps recorder of Windows automatically makes Screenshots with every click, and is thus the most powerful diagnostic Tool for complicated problems, since assumptions can so directly through your activity to confirm.

4. Programs in the startup

managing p> Takes your computer forever to Start, or you do not wish for some programs to start automatically, then use this command: Windows key + R and typing “msconfig” will help. Here you can see under the tab “system start” only, what programs automatically start with Windows, but this is also a convenient opt-out. Don’t you accidentally disable your Anti-virus program or Firewall! Also on the Task Manager you can manage the car starts.

5. A particularly sophisticated special characters in Text to insert

Windows can represent pretty much any special characters. Only these complex characters are not on the keyboard, which complicates the Whole thing. A help of the command Windows key + R and typing “charmap”. Since you get a character table appears, from which you can select with a simple click of the mouse, just the special characters, what would you need or write. To copy the characters, you have to click on it twice, and later with CTRL + V in the Text.

6. Easily create multiple folders at the same time

Who needs multiple folder, this can be a semi-automated create. Press the Shift key and then right-click on the location. Then select “open command prompt here” and type in “md” with a space behind it, the names of the folders, separated with spaces. To Create, simply press “Enter” and all the folders will be created automatically.

7. The PC as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

setting up A local Wi-Fi Hotspot, especially for guests, who have no Wi-Fi-capable Router, or if this is too far from the other rooms. Windows has a hidden feature called “Wireless Hosted Network” for the PC but either a Wi-Fi Stick must be plugged or a solid Wi-Fi card was installed.

So the PC is going to own Hotspot, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the “Start”menu of Windows 10 and click on the Gear icon.
  • In the settings arrived now select the category “network and Internet”.
  • Switch on the bottom left to “Mobile Hotspot” and switch it up.
  • Via the Button “edit” you can change the name of the hotspot, as well as the corresponding password.

    There are these tips that show how much in the most popular of all the company’s systems really. To know them not only saves time, but can also provide a customization of Windows, or other comfort. Especially helpful: After you have executed the commands again and again, memorize this guarantees fast, which makes it easier to use the following, of course.

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