The Qatar Distribution Company, the only alcohol distributors in the country, published a 30-page list with new prices for beer, wine and spirits. A government spokesman, the price confirmed increases in demand.

A bottle of Gin now costs about 80 Euro, a pallet of beer (24×0,33 litres) 90, which corresponds to a liter price of amounted 11,36 Euro. In addition, Energy Drinks, cigarettes, and pork products are affected by the new “sin tax”.

Whether beer will be offered in the stadiums, it is still unclear

In Qatar, will serve alcohol in licensed Bars, Clubs and Hotels, in principle, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Public, however, is strictly adhered to and will be the world Cup in four years, a touchy subject.

The tournament organizer announced that the tournament of alcohol for the Fans of the selected fan zones will be available out of respect for the traditions of the country, however, in public areas. Whether beer will be offered in stages, is still unclear.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex hosts Qatar makes the door wide to ak/sid


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