On Wednesday, investigators released new evidence to the case in Landstuhl. Two perpetrators after the Robbery still on the run, only the brother of the dead robber in jail. The special Commission is working in full swing, said a spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern. Such robberies on people in their homes or apartments, or the attempt to do so are rare. “It is unusual,” said the spokesman.

The apartment owner (41), who had beaten the robber with the knife in the escape, is a civilian member of the U.S. army. The Prosecutor does not go so far, however, that the act has a political Background. The fact there is “no evidence,” said the prosecution of the two bridges on Wednesday.

accomplices were injured back

In the case of the attempted robbery on Sunday night, four of the offender at the front door and after Opening the door give access want had rang the bell. The father of a family not to let the injured one of the perpetrators of deadly with the knife.

After a short escape with his accomplices in a vehicle, the injured man in the place had died krickenbach on a sidewalk of his injuries. His accomplice had placed it, apparently, there, as they realized how difficult the 43-Year-old, was breached.

Also the father of the family

is determined According to prosecutors, they wanted to get medical help: One of the accomplice, the brother of the deceased, asked the witnesses, to make an emergency call. The other two offenders were undetected fled. The 51-year-old brother of the dead man has been arrested. On Monday, an arrest warrant was issued against him because of the community attempted robbery.

The father and his wife suffered in the attack received minor injuries, remained three kids in the house unharmed. Against the father of an assault was initiated resulting in death. It was examined whether he had acted in self-defense. The investigations of the special Commission to identify the other two perpetrators went further.

FOCUS Online/Wochit police are searching for the offender, and gives tips on how your child beb/dpa can protect


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