Donald Trump gets it now with Nancy Pelosi to do that. The front woman of the Democrats is this Thursday bright in the hall of the house of representatives, and from all sides to congratulate. The deputies have chosen the new Chairman of the chamber and, consequently, to the most powerful woman in American politics and for the time being, the main adversary of the US President.

Pelosi had to withstand at the time of their candidacy, although some resistance from its own ranks, but now it is there, where you wanted to go. And most importantly: as of now, the Democrats have the Say in the house of representatives. For Trump, the uncomfortable.

radiator slugfest with Trump

helped Pelosi is also a superior appearance that you had in December at a battle of words with the President in the Oval Office. The 17-minute confrontation in front of Live cameras turned to the Trump want billions for his wall – and provided a glimpse of how Pelosi intends to do with the President in the latter’s second Amtshälfte deal.

Pelosi remained calm and controlled, while Trump grumbled, as usual, and provoked. As the President introduced her, due to their internal fight in the action game space to be restricted, she said coolly: “Please don’t describe the strength that I bring to this Meeting.” Evan Vucci/AP/dpa Pelosi and Trump in December at the slugfest in the White house

Sharper has been described Pelosi then at a Meeting with party colleagues: The Meeting with Trump as a “peeing contest with a skunk”, the wall project as an outgrowth of his Macho Manner: “As if masculinity could ever be associated with him.”

a Painful defeat

In the mid-term elections in early November has some moved. Trumps Republicans have defended their majority in the U.S. Senate and were able to win a few seats. They lost control in the house of representatives to the Democrats.

Trump is the pain. With their new strength in the chamber it can make the Democrats life difficult: you can initiate initiate investigations against him, the law to block projects that, theoretically, even for impeachment proceedings against the President. However, the latter would fail, probably at the latest in the Republican-dominated Senate.

Younger, female, progressive

To this day one of the new Congress is a lot going on at the Capitol in the morning. Many of the members have brought their families. Out of well-dressed children whizzing through the corridors of the Congress building. Members run through the corridors, some of them with a nervous Smile on his face. For some, it is the first day in the Members.

especially in the house of representatives has done in the choice quite a bit. The newly-elected chamber, is significantly more feminine and colorful than in the past. 102 women now sit there, the equivalent of nearly a quarter of all MPs, more than ever before. 89 the women belong to the Democrats, only 13 to the Republicans. AFP New women’s power in the US Congress: In the middle (with white jacket), the 29-year-old Newly-Deputy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

member of Parliament with a Baby in her arms

In the ranks of the Democrats have many progressive candidates. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, the newcomer from New York who has managed at the age of 29 as the youngest woman ever to enter the chamber. For the first time, Muslim women and female descendants of natives sitting in the chamber.

The new diversity is in the hall of the house of representatives recognizable. In the ranks of the Republicans, many middle seats are particularly old men in dark suits. The ranks of the Democrats look much more colorful, with female members in bright clothes. Some members have also brought their children with in the room, a schuckelt his Baby in his Arm.

“There is no stability in the government”

Marcy Kaptur started, everything was still different. The 72-Year-old sitting since 1983, in the chamber of the U.S. Congress, for 35 years. Thus, it is the longest-serving Deputy in the history of the house of representatives. The Democrat starts on this day, in your 19. The term of office. AFP-The democratic members Marcy Kaptur (file photo)

As Kaptur, in 1983, had their first day, it is far less colorful in the chamber. “At that time, only about two dozen women sat in the house of representatives,” says the Congresswoman from Ohio. “The average age was at the time at about 60, I was 36.” The chamber is now female and more colorful, especially in the case of the Democrats, bring a lot of energy and new voices into the house, she says.

In times of a President Trump would be the very important. Overall, they’ve experienced a style of politics as in the case of Trump never before in their long political career. “There is no stability in the government,” complains Kaptur. “This is dangerous for our country.”

governmental apparatus is at a standstill

A hint of instability, it is observed these days vividly. Since shortly before Christmas, a quarter of the US government apparatus is at a standstill largely because for several ministries in a timely manner, a new budget was adopted. The background of a bitter dispute between Trump and the Democrats over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico.

need to make a staff of hundreds of thousands of Government because of the “shutdown” for the time being unpaid forced leave or without salary work. Museums, in national parks garbage can over run, in Offices applications. In the case of the population, especially in the case of government employees, the growing frustration. AFP In the public Parks, such as here in Washington, D.C., because of the “shutdown” even the trash on

The “Shutdown” is run for the Democrats dangerous

The Democrats of the “Shutdown” a little the Start in the new Congress period, been destroyed by hail. You had want to put other issues to the forefront. You try now, as the Savior of the Nation to present, as the regulating power in an increasingly chaotic Washington.

Pelosi has already announced in advance, to leave on the first day of the new Congress a bill for a budget vote. But the billions of dollars, calls for Trump to his boundary wall, are not provided for therein. The White house has the design, therefore, as unfit to be dismissed. If Trump’s still moving, is questionable.

what is Clear is that the longer the Shutdown lasts, the greater the risk for the Democrats, the resentment of the citizens. With the new Power in the house of representatives, it is also such a thing. You can badger Trump and his government now. But here, too, the risk in the population, resentment trigger and before the next presidential election in 2020 as a blocker to stand. The Democrats need to find the Balance. This will be Pelosis Job.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Trump his soldiers to lie brazenly in the face flr/dpa/AFP


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