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final outcome

1 tick. R. Kobayashi 126.2

2. R. Koudelka 123.7

3. J. A. Forfang 123.5

….6. K. Geiger 118.9

….8. S. Leyhe 117.6

….12. R. Friday 115.1

…30. C. Schmid 103.6

…32. M. Eisenbichler 101.5

…32. D. seal 101.5

…47. A. Wellinger 92.4

in a nutshell: of The four-hills-tournament-Second Markus Eisenbichler has suffered in the qualification in Innsbruck is a sporty setback. After two second places in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 27-year-old Bayer jumped on Thursday only to 116 meters and took the 32. Rank.

His rival Ryoyu Kobayashi was not even hit more and secured with a flight to 126.5 meters in the qualification success. Also on the podium in the qualification made it in front of 4200 spectators, Roman Koudelka from the Czech Republic and the Norwegian Johann Andre Forfang.

The seven-DSV-eagle purchased all of the qualifications for the competition at the Bergisel stadium this Friday (14.00 clock/ARD and Eurosport). At the close it was, most Andreas Wellinger, only 110 metres and 47. was. Also Karl Geiger (6th), Stephan Leyhe (8.), Richard Friday (12.), Constantin Schmid (30.) and the iron-Bichler point, the same David Siegel (32.) are qualified.

The qualification in the Ticker-Protocol

15.10: All the German eagles are qualified for the Jump tomorrow. Karl Geiger is the best German, Eisenbichler only 32. Kobayashi wins again scores.

15.04 PM: Kobayashi jumps as the last Springer. Once again, the Japanese shows an exemplary jump (126 meters) and flies in this Quali in the first place!

15.00 PM: Karl Geiger has fulfilled its task and moves to Jump in the morning. With 124 meters Geiger moves to No. 5 and is the best German.

14.58 PM: Stephan Leyhe shows a decent jump (123 meters) and flies to fifth place!

14.56 PM: Also Markus Eisenbichler remains below its possibilities. 116 meters, represents the safe participation for tomorrow.

14.48 PM: Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger will not be satisfied. 110 meters on the display, however, wellinger is qualified for tomorrow!

14.38 PM: David seal secures the attendance for tomorrow with 110 metres and 101.5 points! Class performance today, on the day of the German jumpers!

14.36 PM: Richard Friday shows a clean jump (119 meters) and is also qualified directly for tomorrow!

14.31 PM: In a few moments, Richard Freitag and David Siegel go to the Start.

14.28 PM: Constantin Schmid analyzes his great jump pretty matter of fact: “In Training, I try more things. In the Competition, it reduces to one thing and focus.”

14.25 PM: , The Norwegian Tande shows the longest jump to date (123 meters) and takes the lead!

14.21 PM: Constantin Schmid shows good wind conditions, a great leap (116 meters) and get a temporary in the first place, and is therefore sure in the morning when Jumping!

14.19 PM: Casey Larson (USA) was disqualified because there were irregularities with the size of the suit.

14.13 PM: The 46-year-old Japanese Noriaki shows a technically perfect jump (113 meters) and jumps to the second place!

14.10 PM: In this Training course, it came to a crash landing. The Kazakh Springer Muminov crashed at the end of the jump against the side of the gang, and flew over them. Fortunately, Muminov was able to stand up by itself and is not injured. ARD of The Kazakh Muminov flies in Innsbruck with the gang

14.04 at: Seven German Springer today is going to the Start. Constantin Schmid is the starting point 27 of the first German Springer.

14.02 PM: of The Austrians Clemens Leitner opened this Quali with 110 meters!

14.01 PM: qualification runs! 67 Springer want to be tomorrow, only 50 make it!

13.59 PM: Markus Eisenbichler wants to put pressure on Ryoyu Kobayashi. After two of the German Jumping is a total of only 1.28 meters behind the Japanese. ARD The Stand after the second Jump

13.47 PM: In a few moments, the qualification begins. Here again the most important data to the ski-jump in Innsbruck, Austria. vierschanzentournee.com The hill data

13.01 PM: , The Austrian ski Federation (ÖSV) has interest in the German national coach Werner Schuster. “Werner has had success, he is a person of authority. If we would not want to have one, would be sure something is wrong,” says AUSTRIAN ski Federation sport Director Mario Stecher of the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”. dpa national coach Werner Schuster (R.)

Schuster has been serving nearly eleven years, the German ski-jumper, but only has a valid contract until the end of the season and leaves his future currently.

The German ski Association and the Sporting Director Horst Hüttel would like to extend in the longer term, with Schuster.

12.51 PM: For sports betting provider, bwin is a ski jumper Markus eisenbichler still has a realistic chance of victory in the 67. Four-hills-tournament. If the 27-Year-old after Sven hannawald (2001/02), the first German overall winner, pays bwin 3.75 times the bet.

the Clear favorite after two of the four Jumping Dominator Ryoyu Kobayashi. A total victory for the Japanese is listed with odds of 1.30, a victory at the third Jump on Friday in Innsbruck, bringing the 1.75 times the bet. A Eisenbichler victory on the Bergisel has a ratio of 4.25.



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