The WDR loads to the rest of the food. Apparently, you are convinced to have a good show cooked together, that the Best is once again on the table or on the screen. Most of the taste even after long storage time is not better than the first Time. The fastest speed is 30 seconds, the longest is four minutes in length. A Fast-Food snacks no longer follows the other, so that you know after two hours of what was served. FOCUS Online

The “men”-singer, Frederike

Herbert Grönemeyer was. In November, the “Kölner Treff” he admitted, a whole consignment. With all the chatter from his Childhood, there is the end of the year again. Actually, Herbert, who later sang about the question, when is a man a man, Friederike. In the family there were two sons, the third child should be a girl. Small-Herbert wrote in his books “Herbert Grönemeyer” and “Friederike”. Didn’t hurt him. “I had the feeling that I am a relatively crisp type,” says he. “I never had problems with my masculinity.” Oh, the Herbert.

jiggidy-jig and Heitatei

the season of the year to meet Comedian Bastian Pastewka ponders good intentions. “If you take the same good intentions, has a good reason. It doesn’t work.“ The Austrian entertainer Dagmar Koller dispensed with because of a histamine Allergy to champagne. Vodka, Gin and brandy tolerates you to happiness. As her DoppelgangeR Matze Knop refers to his Allergy to Gluten, the bread, rolls and cakes to the forbidden goods, hash, coke, and Ecstasy, however, are very well tolerated. Presenter Guido Cantz brought his nose hair trimmer and makes the older fixed be the fact that the Barber starts without being asked, to cut the eyebrows.


The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet praises after Christmas addresses pastoral silence. If he stayed at Berlin in the country of representation, all alone in the house, he experienced silence, then he thinks quite a lot. “In the hectic political and business, you need to hold on to hold,” says he, “to say maybe two, three hours of nothing, would be good for the total operation.” Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner pursued in another show of the year, a different Mission. The Ex-Queen is now the Ambassador for the beer and, as such, the following oath of office: “I do solemnly swear, each glass of beer until the end to drink.”

Moving appearance by Alfred Biolek

A show is worth to watch a second Time or even more times. Alfred Biolek once invented the “Kölner Treff”. Now he is 84 years old and responds with a thin, clear voice on the question of his successor: “What are you doing?” “Most of all I am me. I’m nothing Special and I enjoy it.“ His jacket is a little large, and his shrewd Humor will fit perfectly. “I’m old,” he says, “I’m not evil.” And: “The death I see as something Normal. The fact that I already live 84 am and still, it’s great.“ Since no one really wants to now contradict.

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