Albania or Poland – both countries are in the network coverage by the mobile network better than Germany. Before the auction, the new 5G mobile radio licenses in the spring, the economy has attacked Peter Altmaier, head of Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica.

The “Bild”-Zeitung, the CDU-politician said: “The mobile providers need to fulfill their Commitments, otherwise the state will have consequences.” He urged the company to intensify the efforts for an area coverage of the network. Each of the radio hole was in a high-technology country like Germany, “an absurdity”.

Germany is lagging behind in network quality and coverage in the international comparison for years. The studies on the cellular quality show again and again in this country.

dispute 5G-award conditions

Recently there was a dispute of the procurement rules for the new mobile wireless standards 5G. Deutsche Telekom had sued the Federal network Agency because of the requirements for 5G, after previously Vodafone and Telefónica had initiated legal steps against the Bonn-based authority. The Telekom complain that the conditions were “unrealistic”.

referring To the lawsuits the Federal Ministry of transport on Wednesday at the Federal network Agency. A spokesman for the authority said on Wednesday: “We have pointed out in the discussion of the procurement rules, that the decision of the court may be reviewed. To the ongoing proceedings, we do not Express ourselves.”

The Federal cartel office considers the criticism to be inappropriate. “The Federal network Agency has made under the given circumstances, a good proposal for the award of licenses,” said cartel office chief Andreas Mundt, the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday). “The national network operators will be obliged to negotiate with other providers on fair, non-discriminatory network access.” The network Agency to the case as a referee is a difficult task. “This is not easy and is associated with a certain degree of legal uncertainty,” said Mundt. Crucial to the practical implementation. More on the topic of 5G

mobile radio standard 5G

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