But invited to the front: Eight candidates with varying levels of immigrant Quiz-Guru Günther Jauch for new year’s eve special of “Who wants to be a millionaire”. FOCUS Online

new year’s eve with different cultures

you should not only answer the usual questions, but also a bit of a tell, as in their culture the new year is celebrated and what kind of clothes, customs, food and drinks are common. That’s why they all have a matching gift from the fortune cookie to the traditional head covering.

An ideal candidate is missing, however, because, due to their high age, the NS – Survivor Miriam flowers was not rich-Fiegel will be able to come to the Show. The old lady lives in Israel, where she had fled in her youth before the Nazis.

a video message from Israel

As a long-standing WWM Fan you had written Jauch earlier letters. Now, a video message is recorded. In the short Clip, the 87-Year-old is grateful for a visit in the past year, and tells the curious story. Screenshot RTL

Jauch had not been announced, but just spontaneously decided to make a trip to Israel a trip to visit the Fan. Because the gate was jammed, he climbed easily over the fence, says the Moderator.

burglary in the Fan housing

Through the window I called the lady, who was the. “As I said, here is Günther Jauch, but she didn’t believe it, of course. Then I broke practically in your apartment,“ he smiles. Worse, it didn’t take him Miriam Flowers-Fiegel fortunately – quite the contrary.

The first contestant of the Evening is left of the Christmas show, “left”: In the new year’s eve special Doris blossoms full commercialization, which is, fittingly, a former Schornsteinfegerin,.

Schornsteinfegerin is her own lucky charm

you earned 125,000 euros, which it wants to put in a “Peter-Funny-trailer”, to do so through housing estates to tours and children’s activities. A nice holiday with the whole family on the Plan.

the family is then the next candidate is a big issue, because Mazdak Saberi was sent by his fiancé with the job in the Ring to earn enough money for a real dream wedding. At the 16,000-Euro-question of the business administration Student from Lüneburg with Iran is coming-Macedonian roots, however, Stalled.

mother-in-law rescues dream wedding

it is Asked, where it is based, “free-floating” and “station” is different: Smartphone Updates, car-sharing, video-game-Controller or E-Bikes. Help Mazdaks mother-in-law Katja is Joker Maren as a phone. Screenshot RTL

is displayed As the photo on the screen, makes Jauch suddenly large eyes. “I don’t know when I had the last one so handsome as a” phone a friend “call,” he beams. “This is the prettiest mother-in-law we’ve ever had!”

“Pretty, intelligent and single,”

candidate Mazdak

senses his opportunity and counters with a cheeky: “Yes, and she is also still single, if anyone wants to report…” but It gets even better, because its not mother-in-law is not only pretty, but also intelligent, as the young man is proud of it. You know, without hesitation, the correct answer, and saving the dream wedding for their daughter.

The Princess dress is now secured, because the young man actually takes exactly 16.000 Euro. “We said, if I get to 16,000, then we can be married in any case, how would the lady like it,” says Mazdak, with a view to his radiant fiancée in the audience. Well, if it isn’t a beautiful Outlook to 2019!

Unfortunately, only one other candidate on the chair it creates, and so brought new year’s gifts and the stories that hardly anything is shown.

a woman with a baton chasing slurry through the Studio

a young woman with Mexican roots can still show your Pinata and puts manure in fear and terror. As you start with the stick on top of the filled glitter star, he goes into cover. “Hurry up, I want to also is still on the chair,” calls the young woman in the Berlin Omid Bayat, of the series.

But the 33-Year-old does have a hard time with the questions. At 2000 Euro two jokers are gone already. The question is, in what party it is 2018 is not an exchange at the office of the Federal Chairperson, answered he just accidentally correct, but in the end. At 8000 euros Omid on there. With its relatively small profit the restaurant owner still looks satisfied. Here are the entertainment-subscribe to our Newsletter

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