A police spokesman said on Thursday, appropriate performances in social media to be known. Specific instructions on patrols, demonstrations, or the like, he didn’t. Ambergs mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) also pointed to Facebook Posts, the Nuremberg-based NPD. Photos show the people in red vests with the inscription “We are creating protection zones”. He also got an email, said Cerny, the German press Agency on Thursday: “it was said, you want scouts to send to Amberg.” About the sender Cerny expressed. The Mail he had forwarded to the police.

Four young asylum seekers should have beaten on Saturday indiscriminately to passers-by and twelve of them slightly injured. You sparked a debate about the violence of refugees.

Cerny said: “A real right-wing scene we have in Amberg.” Individual rights are not known and have, for example, participated in rights demonstrations, such as in Chemnitz. Also, the AfD in the city of greater results. According to the website of the city of the AfD at the state election came to 13.1 per cent of the second votes.

The AfD parliamentary group chief Katrin Ebner-Steiner had announced that on this Thursday afternoon, according to Amberg, “in order to make a picture of the location in the city”. Among other things, discussions with the police and citizens was planned.

The police spokesman said it logged its no protest actions or known. “The security situation in Amberg is good.” The have also shown the quick arrest of the suspects on Saturday. In Amberg, there were not enough police officers; the exact number he called.



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