“There has been in the city never made such a patrol and also no rights of citizens to military service,” said city spokesman Thomas Grammel of the editors ‘ network of Germany.

According to Grammel four of Nuremberg, members of the NPD have come on Sunday the train to Amberg for a few minutes in the red West through the city walk and then again by train to Nuremberg. “Then has shot a huge media wave over the city of ergo. We are completely unjustly stigmatized as the rights of the stronghold. Football fans would have rioted, there would have been no reports. Various brawls between German in the new year’s eve night, no one wrote a single line,“ said Grammel of the RND.

Already in Chemnitz in appearance

Background entered an incident from last Saturday is anpöbelten, as the four young drunk asylum seekers, passers-by and to the part of the beat. As a response, published in Nuremberg, members of the extreme-right NPD photos on Facebook. You show four people in red vests, as they moved on new year’s day allegedly by Amberg.

According to the RND of the information the Nuremberg NPD members since the attacks of Chemnitz. So a Internet Video with the title “protection patrol Nuremberg has been circulating since the end of August” in the network. To see a Nuremberg-based NPD party official, distributed as in the Amberg red vests with the inscription “We are creating protection zones” of four young men. Subsequently, the self-appointed “vigilantes completed” a short walk through the city centre of Nuremberg and distributed brochures to passers-by.

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