right next to it were knocked down several large, heavy potted plants, the earth is in a wide area scattered. On many of the facades have immortalized Graffiti”artists”, “Fuck the Police” is in blue font at a corner of the house.

Obviously, vandals have wreaked havoc in the area around the wiesent felser road and the local middle school. FOCUS Online has around. A local resident told that the deeds should have taken place in the new year’s eve. “This is not the first Time, so what happens here on a regular basis.” FOCUS Online Graffiti Graffiti in Munich’s Neuaubing

two older ladies, just one of the destroyed holding over, are indignant. “Three of the four stops they made broken,” says one of the two. A bus shelter on the line 57, as well as two stop, stand on the adjacent line 143 are not there anymore. “But that’s not all,” says one of them, pointing to the overturned flower pot. “This usually looks different.”

“as bad As it was here”

the property, would damage Started and the vandalism several years ago, the local resident. “I’ve lived here for 50 years here, but as bad as this Time, it was never even here.” A request at the Munich transport company (MVG) has confirmed the. Because of the property damage will be reimbursed, “of course” display, a spokesman said. It was the third incident in the past few years. Previously it had apart the vandal, however, only on the signs of stops. As a reaction to damage had been built-in loud speaker with reinforced foundations.

FOCUS Online There is only one replacement bus stop

The success of this measure, however, will be quite obvious. Also the fact that in this case, a bus shelter was completely demolished, to a new level of violence.

the two women Feel in the face of this development threatened? “No, but we don’t go at night on the street,” says one. The other woman adds, you have a right to fear. “But if I see a group like this to me, then I switch the side of the road.”

Nobody wants something would not act against the rioters companies

Nevertheless, no one on the rioters to complain. “No one here wants to say something”, to take the first wife back to the word. You’ve heard of the house of the surrounding houses to master, you would have addressed the vandals. “Then get the answer ‘We know where you live’. Then that was it. This says it all, is it?“ she asks. Here, the policy-Newsletter

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An answer you don’t expect. Instead, she pauses and looks on the red plant pot, is located in the courtyard of the building complex. “It’s like in the Ghetto here,” she says and points to several empty shops. Earlier there had been here a lot of different stores, but in the meantime I even made the Sparkasse-tight. “Only an ATM you have left us,” she says. “Where is this going?”

police through “isolated complaints” from Neuaubing

with the information On request by FOCUS Online tells the police that witnesses in the new year’s eve night would have reported a “several young people in the extensive group of persons”, which had damaged the bus shelter. The investigation was however are unsuccessful. In the past, there have already been “isolated cases of citizens ‘complaints different event” from Neuaubing, for example due to disturbance of the peace or Graffiti.

From a problem district does not want to talk to the police spokesman, on enquiry, however. The comparison with other cities show that this term is inappropriate. Nevertheless, you’ve increased the police presence on the ground. Thus, the “subjective security sense of the citizens should be increased”. Also, about street, were involved worker and conflict Manager, which should help to improve the Situation on the ground. Here, the policy-Newsletter

reports, Videos, backgrounds: FOCUS Online provides you daily with the most important messages from the policy. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter easily and free of charge.

The Situation for those citizens who rely on the Bus, will not improve in the near future, however: you have to wait in the future, without protection against Wind and weather on the Bus. According to the MVG-speaker it may take up to three months, to the destroyed Bush shelter.

The FOCUS of Online/non-stop news mass brawl involving 50 Participants: use hundred in a Cologne high-rise estate


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