Biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen and his wife, Darya Domracheva ran in her farewell race to the end of career before 46.412 spectators on the third place.

advance is a nice gesture of the German Benedikt Doll was gone As he turned to place three lying, he saw Bjørndalen behind and waited just before the finish on the Biathlon legend. Together with the Norwegians, he eventually ran across the finish line and gave Bjørndalen with his last race on the podium.

“This is an event I will never forget in life”

“Unbelievable, fantastic,” enthused Bjørndalen after the finish. “This is an event I will never forget in life. It was a dream come true.” In front of the Schalke backdrop winner Wierer joked: “I feel like a football player.”

Also, for the Russians, Anton Schipulin it was after his resignation a few days ago, the last race of his career. He came with his partner Ekaterina Jurlowa-Percht eighth place.

Schempp and Preuß have to fight pre –

The World Team Challenge was divided into two periods: After the initial mass-start race Wierer and Hofer led Bjørndalen, just ahead of the French Duo of Anais Bescond/Emilien Jacquelin and Domracheva/. The two German Mixed Teams were in the midfield. In the subsequent pursuit of the Italians distinguished themselves thanks to the better shooting performance by the pursuers, however, Schempp and the Prussian fought, once again, ran. Only in the final spurt had to be Schempp finally beaten.

in order To world Cup points, it was not for the athletes with a total of 156 000 Euro prize money and race on Schalke. The track with 18 laps of 1300 metres and some metres in altitude, still had world Cup-quality.

canceled The German biathletes Erik Lesser and Vanessa Hinz, the should actually start with Herrmann and Schempp, had their participation due to health reasons. The German Biathlon Superstar Laura Dahlmeier took part after a long illness-induced break in the Event. Also the Superstars Martin Fourcade (France) and Johannes Thingnes Bö (Norway) were missing.

A rare phenomenon brings us, in January the extremely cold winter of FOCUS Online, A phenomenon that brings us, in January the extremely cold winter of cvh/dpa


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