was spoken, her husband, 48 years old, was also indicted.

judgment of the 4. Great criminal chamber of the Cologne regional court

The 4. Great criminal chamber of the Cologne regional court saw it as proven that the defendant had the baby in March of last year-so that this died of his severe head injuries. Initially, both parents suspicious, had shown the evidence that the mother for the death of the baby was responsible. Judge Grave Herkenrath back, this led to an excessive demand of the accused.

defendant’s mother tried to save herself

The defendant had tried on the last day of the trial, pull your head out of the noose. “My husband is the only one that knows that I am innocent,” she said. You’ve beaten your child will never have and not known it was in danger. A protection claim, the judge. Also chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer had said in his plea of Overburdening the mother and eight years of imprisonment demanded.

attorney Christian Franz, the defender of man, criticized the fact that the wife of his client “‘ve tried in the last few minutes,” to accuse your spouse. Since September of last year, continued procedure, you had to weigh first. First, as the man was dismissed for lack of urgency Tatverdachts from custody, she had asserted her own innocence, the husband, but not charged directly. You are corrected now in the last word.

Actually, was supposed to testify on Tuesday, the mother of the accused as a witness; you had to get in the short term, but not a visa to enter Morocco in the Schengen area. The district court had, as a precaution, obtain airline tickets and Hotel reserved. The mother should testify, that her son-in-law had appeared in a break in Process in their village in Morocco. There he is said to have expressed that his wife was innocent and for him not to leave.

the visit of the husband, the mother of the accused had reported by telephone. The district court interviewed a staff member of the JVA Köln, who had overheard the call. The reported that the man said that his wife could never commit such an act. The mother of the accused, her daughter had advised the marriage. “He is a very good husband,” said the mother-in-law of their daughter.

That the defendant was a good husband, was denied a senior Prosecutor of Bremen, in his plea definitely. The man supports his wife in the upbringing and care of the baby and his two years older brother. Therefore, he did not realize that his younger son was being abused. Judge Grave Herkenrath was the completely selfish acting father, a moral complicity in the death of the child.

decision is not yet final

According to the judgment of the older son, meanwhile, came to live with Relatives could, even back to his father. About it, and whether the mother – as you ask – is allowed to see your child in prison, has to decide the youth welfare office. The accused took the custody judgment in hall 7 of the Cologne court of justice building completely calm, her face as white as a sheet. Your lawyer Gabriele Prümm had requested an acquittal. The decision is not yet final.

This article was written by Hendrik Pusch

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