The graduation house at Spa gardens may be the most striking track on the you stumble when you walk through the city. Him a significant importance in the manufacture of salt.

“The salt master are often left up long and have adjusted the Brine depending on the weather,” recalls Wilfried length skirt. He has worked for three years, from 1960 until shortly before closure in 1963, in the salt works as a craftsman. His father was a soap specialist in the Saline.

Bad dürrenberg: When it rains, the salt master could less Sole the graduation trickle down

The weather played a crucial role: when it rains, the salt master could less Sole the graduation trickle down because of the rain diluted the Brine. In the case of the sun and the Wind, the taps were turned up more. “It was as long as graded, to the salt content of the Brine was about 20 percent.” The Saline was so successful, because the long skirt is sure, is because of the good quality of the Sole.

is encountered 1763 mountain Councilor Johann Gottfried Borlach. Since 1744 he had at the request of the elector August the Strong, the sample holes. However, it should take almost two decades until he, on a Sole thrust. At a depth of 223 metres, it broke through and the slot in the today’s joke life tower was filled within a short period of time with the special salt-containing liquid. Each year, the borlach game to the well testifies to a celebration of the historic day. The first graduation and the first Siedehaus were not long in coming.

Bad dürrenberg: Saline began to work, and grew over the years

The Saline began to work, and grew over the years. “There were several Siedehäuser, in which round-the-clock work was done,” recalls long skirt. In 12-hour shifts has been boiled. So long rock that was in every house a pan in which Brine for as long as it was boiled until the salt has stopped. “It was so hot, that we have often worked without a shirt.” This was real manual labor. The salt from the pans was stored after Boiling to Dry, so that the remaining liquid out of the white Gold disappeared.

“In the upper floors have been Packed for the women of the salt”, so long rock. In different sizes and packages of the salt to leave the Saline in Bad dürrenberg and was widely supplied in the Region. And even then, you’ve made the advertising for the special salt: In a small package, no larger than a matchbox, bottled in small quantities to distribute it. The salt was for the city to the white Gold.

With the tireless Gush of Brine, a Saline

developed in Bad Dürrenberg With the tireless Gush of Brine, a Saline, which went far beyond Siedehäuser and the five salt works developed in Bad dürrenberg. There is a water power plant on the Saale river, the depths of the pump drive to the water. For some years a water power plant is in the same spot again.

The particularly high consumption of coal, in order to keep the Pans on the Run, was made possible by the removal of nearby mines. And even a railroad frequented by the Saline. Your track is still a track today in the first German railway tunnel, which is still preserved in Parts. Wilfried lang rock remembers even in a nursery within the Saline.

Bad dürrnberg as a health resort, with baths of operation: “That was something Special,”

Not least the special effect of the Brine for the health was recognized, and made the Solestadt a Spa town with Baths. “That was something Special,” says Langrock. He can remember many tourists coming only to Bad dürrenberg.

it All came to an end in 1963, when production was discontinued, and a year later, also of the baths was followed by operation. It had become too unprofitable to produce salt in this way, however, focused on the mining of rock salt. Then the buildings of the salt works fell into disrepair. The most Siedehäuser were demolished. The citizens and the club house is a reconstructed testimony of this time, as well as the Old Salzamt as a former saline administration, which is now the registry office. (mz)

This article was written by Melain van Alst

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