This article is not a hit in the network, such as a bomb, even if the Fake came, this time from “mirror”: “carousel cars are now taboo,” wrote the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” for the year and reported a “official Letter” to the Carnival showman. There it hot: cars in children’s carousels were prohibited from instant approval are capable of starting in January 2019, “only models of bicycles, farm animals, carriages, and vehicles of public transport”. The reason is that the motorized individual traffic “is clearly a concept of yesterday.” Children should not be put on a “climate-damaging car” or a “wild Tiger”. Quoted finally, the chief of the German environmental aid (DUH): You could spare, because of the prohibition now “a lawsuit against the city of Osnabrück”, will warn the city, however, “for safety’s sake, for a fee”.

carousel auto-ban is a Satire

For kids with fun on four or two wheels can be, however, to make it clear: Although there is the article really, but he was only a Satire. The “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” published on new year’s eve is traditionally such a satire article for newspaper readers quickly identifiable as such. What is not recognized, some Twitter or Facebook User who shared the article and apparently only the Header read the same. The nursery remains free of car, because even in the article ersponnene “sale prohibition for Bobby-cars and Matchbox cars” is off the table.



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