it was required here due to the winter road conditions, patience. At the time of accident in the direction of Dresden, a brisk return journey, transport from Poland and the Baltic States to Germany and Western Europe prevailed on highway 4 in travel. The travelers formed a rescue lane, so that emergency workers and tow truck were able to advance services quickly to the scene of an accident. The police informed with loudspeaker announcements, and set the waiting drivers on several hours delay. A snow plow on the highway maintenance Agency white mountain could work, however, due to the width of the sliding plate only with difficulty up to the crash site. Here, too, the traveller and the police tried to create the winter service as well as possible. In the direction of Görlitz to the transport rollers after a good two hours of waiting, in the direction of travel of Dresden, it took about three hours, until the traffic could be side led to the scene of the accident is over. Due to the 20 Kilometer long traffic jams, travelers in the direction of travel of Dresden, were directed by block clearance through the highway tunnel king, Hainer mountains, in order to prevent traffic jams or accidents in the concrete tube.

This post is provided by: the police of Saxony. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

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