Bayerischer Rundfunk mourns the death of a radio presenter Julia Edenhofer

Wednesday, 02. January 2019, 09.46 PM: of The BR mourns the death of a radio presenter Julia Edenhofer. After a long illness, edenhofer died at the age of 72 years, such as the Bayerischer Rundfunk, in a communication announced.

Already, in 1968, was involved as the spokesperson to the broadcast Club 16, a popular daily radio show on Bayern 2. Most recently, she hosted an Oldies show.

“Patriot Act”: Netflix clears after Saudi-complaint critical Episode

Tuesday, 01. January 2019, 22.43 PM: The Streaming provider Netflix has removed after a complaint by the Saudi government in an Episode of the popular Comedy Show “the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” in Saudi Arabia. The British “Financial Times” reported.

the mission of the Muslim American Comedian Hasan Minhaj declared world political contexts, and is willing to accept actors from politics and economy from the grain. In the second episode of the Show’s crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the complicated relationship of the United States to the dictator-ruled Kingdom, devoted himself to Minhaj Saudi.

Among other things, criticized Minhaj the role of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war, and called on U.S. technology companies, no Investments more from a Saudi Arabian source. The Saudi sovereign wealth Fund is a major player in the American start-up scene. “Now would be a good time, our relations with Saudi rethink Arabia,” said Minhaj, in consequence, with a view to the death of the Dissident Jamal Khashoggi. “And I say this as a Muslim and as an American.”

citing a law against cyber crime, got sent to the Saudi Commission for communications and information technology, then a request to Netflix to take the Episode from the network. Netflix has responded to this demand, reported the Financial Times.

“globally, We are strong supporters of artistic freedom and have removed the Episode in Saudi Arabia only after we receive a legal request, and local laws,” quotes the Financial Times of an opinion from the streaming service.

In an Interview with the culture magazine “The Atlantic” had Minhaj spoke in December, that he was not the Saudi Arabia Episode of Trouble could bring. “It was in my family a lot of discussion about it, to let it be,” said the 33-Year-old. “But I’ve resigned myself to it, personally, and spiritually with the consequences.”

Outside of Saudi Arabia will be the Episode of the mission continue to be freely available. And Saudi Fans of the “Patriot Act”, you can see the result: A large part of each Episode is parallel uploaded on Youtube.

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