perpetrators should be consistently taken into custody, when States were convicted in other EU-already suspended sentences, it means, according to “Münchner Merkur” (Wednesday) in a position paper for the special session of the CSU parliamentary deputies this week in the Bavarian town of Seeon. “We want to end the imposition of chain trials.” The CSU penetrates according to the report on a Europe-wide Register, following the example of the Federal Central register. Specifically, the group refers to the recent terrorist attack in Strasbourg, where the offender had already been 27 Times due to acts of violence, burglary and theft to fines and imprisonment in France, Germany and Switzerland condemned. “It can’t be that in the case of repeat offenders a suspended sentence after the other. This is also true in Europe,“ the newspaper quoted from the paper.

in Addition, the state’s offenders during should, but at the latest immediately after their detention time to systematically deport – “according to the clear principle: from the prison gate to the departure gate”. Where this is not possible, would have to residence and reporting requirements access and electronic tagging will be used.

The land group to its Chairman Alexander Dobrindt wants to restrict according to the report, “the immigration of persons under the age of 45, have a realistic Chance to earn a pension above the level of the basic backup”. The need to ensure “that we can get a immigration in the labour market and not on the velvet”.



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