“I knew Jens for a while, is in Unterhaching, I’ve trained his step-son, Lasse. We have set together and after detailed discussions, I am convinced that it brings value for us,“ said the tree. The feeling that, for him, with Lehmann now a potential successor in the neck seats, he did not, however, “really”, assured the 39-Year-old. He see Lehmann as “part of the solution,” said the tree.

Lehmann had his Job as Co-coach of the table-15. the League at 29. January started. In his professional career, he played for FC Schalke 04, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and VfB Stuttgart. Since the end of his career, the 61-times capped player is working as a TV pundit. Professional experience in the coach area, collected Lehmann in the season 2017/18 as an assistant coach at the Arsenal FC and Arsène Wenger.

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