The 29-year-old Ex-boyfriend, is since Thursday in detention, as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Friday. A 39-year-old alleged accomplice should be on Friday to a detention judge.

The men had shown in the interrogation confessed. In the case of searches, the murder weapon had been found.

The fact was made in accordance with the previous investigation of “vain”. It will also be tested, whether it is a murder.

What Neukölln has happened in Berlin?

was The Polish woman on the evening of 27. Killed December in a driveway in an industrial area in the street with a head shot from a pistol. She died a day later in the hospital.

The 29-Year-old was arrested on Wednesday in Lichtenberg, the 39-Year-old a day later, in the service of the homicide.

Unclear is the case in Kiel, however, is: Here is a mother of three children, died during the fireworks to a shot to the head.

In the Weather Channel winter makes roads smooth as glass cho/Reuters


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