In a total of 15 double-hours, the future guide to the history of their hometown schools.

“A major concern was to convey in this year’s course Knowledge on the history Großenhains and also Zabeltitz intensively in the course. Just Zabeltitz experiences, with the Baroque garden a rain resistant encouragement of visitors and a high demand for guided tours. Therefore, it was important for us that we can win for Zabeltitz new guides and tour guides. I am very happy that all the participants have completed the course successfully and on their first tours look forward to,” explains Tom Quenstedt, who is responsible for economic development and tourism in the city of big grove.

Perfect teacher

in addition to the comprehensive theory-to-Pay hours and figures of Saxon history, the history of the town of big grove, to Zabeltitz and the Baroque garden also hands-on Exercises with guided tours, were part of training. With its almost inexhaustible Knowledge of the former longtime city leader Klaus Förster and Dr. Jürgen Schreiber good teacher for the aspiring tourist guides. She relaxed with the stories behind the history and some anecdotes about the course and showed that a good leadership not just Numbers and facts.

Good support

“A heart of thanks goes to not only these two, but also for the staff of the Karl-after dinner-library for insights into the historical building of the library and to the remarks on the life and Work of Karl Benjamin after dinner. Dr. Jens Schulze-Forster from the Museum of the Old Latin school has facilitated guided tours of the Museum and the Sexton of St. Mary’s Church big grove, Jens Heinert, St Mary’s Church. Without this support, such a comprehensive course programme would not have been possible,” says Tom Quenstedt. A double-hour for dealing with different target groups and to communicate with these completed the training program.

The “big drum”

the employees of The big grove and Zabeltitz Information to advise interested parties of the different channels and give the appropriate guide. A regular guided tour costs 40 euros per group (max 25 people).

information on guided city tours and sightseeing tours:

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