With its small sister party in Bavaria, the proposal of Annegret Kramp arrived-karrenbauer. “Brave” called the CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt, the announcement of the “AKK” at the “workshop discussion” of the Union to the theme of Migration, to close the German border as a last resort in the case of a new refugee crisis.

The theme of Migration, the large topic of debate number 1 in the Union since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015. The claims of Ex-CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer after a Refugee ceiling brought the Grand coalition to the brink of failure, the topic of refugees dominated most of the election campaigns since that time. And it still defines many debates.

ACC is also considering rejections at border

In the reappraisal report on the controversial refugee policy of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had mentioned Kramp-karrenbauer also, that to secure the German border, a “smart border surveillance to back instructions”.

However, as it is actually to the legal, material and human conditions to close the 3714-kilometre-long German land border? The Federal border guard service was disbanded in the Wake of the Schengen agreement, and the restructured units were completely new tasks.

a border closure with the staff and equipment to implement?

Ernst Walter, chief of the German police Union (DPolG), has a clear answer: “This idea is completely unrealistic. For one thing, we would need for a closure of the border, as it was before the Schengen agreement existed, up to 10,000 additional jobs. And also the re-direction or Re-utilisation of the building for a stationary border security would take years,“ said Walter FOCUS Online.

Is an “intelligent border surveillance” in the short term, feasible?

A “smart border surveillance”, however, Walter holds, however, for “reasonable and feasible” – although not immediately in full. For this kind of mobile border security, to crossings through the targeted monitoring of certain areas, illegal border and also the Interception of offenders to enable, according to Walter, an additional 3000 officers necessary to be able to the country and also the Maritime boundary hedge, the mean additional 2389 kilometres of coastline.

Up to 2029 will increase the staff strength of the Federal police, including the management of 40,000 to 52,500. Around 6000 of them had already been set. However, these new positions were not immediately usable because the staff must first be trained.

The legal framework

The legal requirements for rejections are controversial. Critics claim that the EU law, even an immediate rejection let in safe third countries, if asylum seekers were for the first time on German soil. For the Dublin regulation, grant you the right to have their claims within six months of the check – in Germany.

The issue of refoulement had provided the Federal government, however, already – in September 2015, as more than 200,000 asylum-seekers were killed at the end of the country. While the legal experts of the former Federal interior Minister Thomas de Maizière had not come to the conclusion that the legal basis is sufficient. However, the Federal government want to keep such a measure as an Option open, and came a little later to the conclusion that there were no legal obstacles.

A complete closure of the guarantees of the internal border since 1995, the free movement of persons, however, would be in breach of the Schengen Treaty, and goods in the EU. A violation of this agreement could be put at the end of the whole of the EU in question.

Union group chief Brinkhaus restrained in responding to AKK-Plan

Self-Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), was very reluctant to move Kramp-Karrenbauer. “This is a very hypothetical question,” commented the Group’s Chairman, the idea of a border closure before a session of the Bundestag deputies of the CDU and the CSU in Berlin on Tuesday. Much in the migration and security policies have been changed in the past few years. He was “very confident that will not ask this question at the end of the day”.

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