“Our economic location and the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people will be put at risk,” Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki. The Deputy FDP-party Chairman, questioned the health risk due to Diesel cars, and accuses the Federal government of a “botched” transport policy. The consequence of the demonisation of diesel fuel could be a “dramatic descent of Germany from the top of the world and the loss of our prosperity levels”. For Kubicki is the current alarmism is for the German economy is dangerous. “Instead of driving bans, we must reduce the congestion in the cities. In each case, it is demonstrable that the Greens have, however, prevented everywhere the bypass roads. Otherwise, we would have to comply with the limits for a long time.“ For Kubicki is also clear that VW has to pay for the economic damage in the case of diesel cars. “Rigged cars are immoral. Since VW has to pay for the damage.“ FOCUS Online

“We want to be the most Vulnerable to protect”

“In Germany, there is no transparency and no penalties against the auto industry”, writes Barbara Metz. Since in many German cities, the EU exceed the limit values for nitrogen oxides, sued the German environmental aid (DUH) since 2011, the municipalities. In eleven major cities since then, diesel has been decided bans in court. “We want to protect the most Vulnerable with the limits – children, the Sick and the elderly,” says the Vice-DUH-managing Director, Metz and calling on politicians to act: “It is, as I have in the held responsible, caused the damage. And that is the automotive industry.“ The car manufacturer would have to repair the cars. The Japanese car group Toyota has supported the PROJECT with € 30,000 in the year, so as not to harm the Germans, Metz: “no, we have let us not of the Japanese car industry to buy, in order to make the German is broken.”

“, The limits are rather low,”

“diesel driving prohibitions are not in control anyway. The say many of the police officers,” says the long-standing “Report”-Moderator Franz Alt, and suggests that the patient should continue with the old Diesel vehicles. Curiously, he holds the diesel cars debate the fine dust of millions of people but then at the same time, is scandalous, because “the life. The limits are rather low.“ He also criticized the Federal government for decades prior to the car lobby in the knee, instead of to regulate and intervene. “As on every cigarette pack should be on any car: driving a car is harmful to your health.” At the same time, a speed limit of 120 kilometres an hour on German roads calls Old: “We are next to North Korea, and Afghanistan is the only country without a speed limit.”

“The discussion is hysterical,”

“world”-editor-in-chief and Porschefan Ulf Poschardt, the German car defended the industry as an important economic engine, the secure prosperity and jobs. The hassle of driving bans and speed limit, he finds hysterical and criticised the greens and the environmental organisations, the struggle with “freedom, and other people want to impose their life style”. He was opposed to such dogmatic changes. “We have no similar significant key industry. The energy transition must be made, therefore, with a sense of proportion. The passionate Porsche drivers drive even 300 on German motorways, and says: “proponents of speed limits want to spoil the fun.” And further: “the car hater destroy the joy of Driving.”

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