“Hesse presents a request to take the law, the safe countries of Origin on Friday of the agenda of the Federal Council,” said Hesse government spokesman Michael Bußer on Tuesday the newspaper. The background is that the Prime Minister wanted to hold talks to reach a settlement.

You expect the application to go through, added Bußer. Bouffier ruled in Hesse with a black-green coalition. The Greens reject the classification of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Georgia as safe countries of Origin. In the Hesse coalition agreement, the CDU and the Green are sticking to the theme of “different views”.

vote on safe countries of Origin: the Grand coalition lacks a majority in the Bundesrat

The Grand coalition government in Berlin needs for your act, the consent of the länder chamber of the projects on Friday. A majority, however, is missing. The Green rule in nine Federal States and can therefore block legislation. So far, it has signalled from the green side, only Baden-württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, to agree with the law. A Yes from Hesse could bring the law to the majority in the Bundesrat.

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