In the course of the intensive Scan of the Fire, it turned out that in the case of the fire, a still unidentified Person has been killed. On Friday, 28.12.2018, against 18:00 clock to alert visitors of a nearby shopping centre, the fire brigade after the fire, near to the commercial area of Attaching the North perceived. As the firefighters arrived at the between Südring and A 92 nearby the fire scene, they found a fully brand-standing barn. In spite of the quickly initiated fire-fighting, the building burned down completely. In the Wake of the first police investigation, it turned out that the burned out barn was used with the owner’s Knowledge of the homeless as a place for the Night. After not completely be ruled out that the fire time of one or more persons in the building stopped could have started already on Friday evening in search of measures to the fire-place and in their environment. This continued on Saturday and could be intensified due to the cooling of the fire debris and the daylight. For this purpose, inter alia, a corpse-sniffing dog was used. As a result of these measures was found late Saturday afternoon of a body in the Fire. On Saturday, after dark, interrupted the investigation of the fire-place will be continued with the support of the THW on Sunday. The criminal investigation Erding leading the investigation into this case of fire. To clarify the still unclear identity of the dead Person, to help further forensic and medico-legal investigations. Evidence that more people have fallen victim to a fire, could not be found. A clear cause of the fire can not yet be determined. One aspect of the subsequent Reviews of the fire investigator, however, is whether in the fire-place discovered gas as a possible cause of the fire in question. The fire damage to the barn, in the u. a. construction materials and scaffolding were stored parts, is estimated at around 30,000 euros.

This post is provided by: Bayer. State Ministry of the interior. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

Bayer. State Ministry of the interior


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