A brand is a collection with Tommy Hilfiger, a life-style like a Superstar and the fifth world champion title in the formula 1. Lewis Hamilton had to celebrate in 2018 a lot of to. The Briton says that he is happier because he is pursued off the range of his interests. These positive feelings were mirrored also in the good results in the Premier class. Ross Brawn is convinced Hamilton that a driver can dance on multiple weddings.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” he says, to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “I had a traditional view on how a driver must, to the Maximum bring out.” How much to Hamilton for his Fitness does not would be due to his life style, is often in the foreground, so Brawn. Hamilton had just a taste, to travel, to music – and Fashion-Events.

to have On his performance in the vehicle of the excessive Lifestyle of the British, is criticised time and again seems to have no effect. Brawn explained: “This is unique and shows everyone else that you do other things and nevertheless its results can deliver. If someone would have such a life-style, without having to be successful, you would be sure of the reason.” It should not be for a driver to be consistent, he should choose a conservative path.

“I respect his strength, with which he leads his own life,” says Brawn. “He knows what works for him is best and what motivates him.” For the formula 1 was also very positive to have such a “strong” personality in its own ranks. The Team have in its success but also a great proportion as he himself, Brawn further. Mercedes have done it in the Hybrid-Era, his competitors to shake off. Therefore, the team would currently dominate the Premier class.

part of it, but also to motivate employees. “Mercedes head of Motorsport, Toto Wolff, has done a great Job and kept the Team stable,” explains Brawn. “He has also brought to the Board of management of Mercedes to make the right investments. Therefore, the brand has the success it deserves.” In the year 2019 Hamilton could get with Mercedes, the sixth title, you should beat together the Ferrari and Red Bull.

This article was written by Scott Mitchell, Co-authors: Andre Wiegold, Frankie Mao

*The contribution of “Brawn over Hamilton-Lifestyle: “I learned my lesson”” comes from Motorsport-Total.com. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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