It was the 1. In April 2001, the offset in the formula 1 world in Amazement. As this naughty newcomer from Colombia, in only his third Grand Prix with the Big mess. it was The manoeuvre against world champion Michael Schumacher in the Senna S was Juan Pablo Montoya, at a stroke, famous, and the most well-known should be in his career.

There are two rounds were over just once, as the Safety-drove the Car in the Box, and the race is re-released. Montoya braked alongside Schumacher, and went by in a tough manoeuvre on Ferrari, including enemy contact. “For me, it was a Golden opportunity,” recalls Montoya in the Podcast “Beyond The Grid”.

The BMW-Williams driver came at that time just fresh from the American CART series, where Restarts were just everyday business. “There, I was able to overtake all the Restarts. Why should it be so different?”, he says. With his cheeky manoeuvre of the at that time surprised the 25-Year-old in the professional world – and certainly Schumacher. “Maybe he thought that I’m a complete Idiot or a stupid, crazy Colombians. I don’t know,” laughs Montoya.

It was the start of a special rivalry. Not just once, the Colombians and the German clashed. A few weeks later, in Austria, Montoya sent his adversary to a duel to the gravel bed. At the time, Montoya was in the lead, but had tires with heavy Graining on his Michelin-fight. He knew, however, that the tires would be better.

Austria 2001: Without regard to losses

Schumacher was right behind him, and Montoya knew that it looks good, if he can stop him. “I’ve done everything Possible to keep him behind me until I was in under braking.” Schumacher moved in curve 3 the outside of the mark, but Montoya stayed on his line and took in purchase that he Schumacher with emptying. And so it happened: Both went into the gravel and lost a lot of time. “We both came out full of drama, but it was fun,” he laughs in retrospect.

In retrospect, he must admit that both of them are gone in their two fights also. Otherwise, it was between the two but a complete ice age. ‘ve spoken to never. “Never, it was said: ‘Good work’ or something. Nothing. Today, with Social Media it has opened up a little more. But at the time it was zero,” said Montoya.

the maneuvers in Brazil in 2001, was no exception. Asked whether Schumacher’s attitude was towards him after the attack differently, he is dismissive: “no, we had neither before nor after have a relationship to each other.”

in Spite of verse Crash: Montoya happy

tap-Nowadays, believes Montoya, are threatened with such maneuvers as at the time of extinction. Today, you don’t just drive past with an open DRS at the opponent, which was at that time. “You were on for a second to catch up but one more second. And then you had to think of you, how do you get a good Run,” he says. “You need to test almost a Divebomb and hope that you can make the curve and you are not out of each other’s take. It was completely different than it is today.”

by the Way: His spectacular maneuver of at the time, remained unrewarded. Confidently in the lead of the BMW-Williams driver was shot down, namely while Lapping Jos Verstappen – 17 years before the son of Max on the same stretch of road a was also brought by backbenchers to the race win.

Montoya was Disappointed at the time, but have not been – on the contrary! “I knew that I could win in the formula 1 race. The race has given me the Confidence that I would not be at the end of the year be right back out there,” he says. Previously, Alex Zanardi and Jenson Button were allowed to remain only one year at Williams. “I wanted to be but not only a year since,” said Montoya. “And when that happened, I felt that I would have a career in formula 1.”

This article was written by Norman Fischer

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