A ship was Laden at the port of Brunsbüttel with a stone mixture and then began with the construction of a dam under the water in front of Brokdorf. There is a 1.7 kilometres long and 3.60 meters high edge of the dam created with a surface area of around 24 hectares, informed the Directorate-General waterways and shipping. 34 football fields. The area to later accommodate around 670 000 cubic metres of dredged material from the Elbe river. The current construction work are not only the landfilling of the dredged material, but also stabilize the flow conditions in the river Elbe. Further construction in the Elbe estuary are already under contract. On the other side of the river Elbe in front of Cuxhaven, a further surface is prepared. Also already have a request for an area on the Neufelder Sand for 25 million euros, which went to a Belgian company is awarded. Alone, this 6.7-Kilometer-long area to record 9.5 million cubic meters of dredged material. The actual Work on the fairway to begin in the second quarter.

dpa waterway deepening of the Elbe river Elbe estuary Brokdorf Deposit construction water road of Brunsbüttel Cuxhaven side of the river million preparation company order-to-landfill General Directorate,


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