The latest development of Renault in the formula 1 can be seen from two sides. On the one hand, the French did it in the third year of the engagement in the king class, to increase again. According to the ninth and six in the constructors ‘ championship, achieved in 2018, with a ranking of four, the best result since the formula 1 Comeback of their own work teams.

on the Other hand, the gap to the top teams. In the third year, Renault was left without a podium finish, and in the world Cup they won with 122 points, a whopping 533 points less than world Champions Mercedes. Self customer team Red Bull in third place with 297 points were missing in the past season. And in the coming years, it should hardly be easier to close this gap.

“of Course, we know that the steps will be the greater, the farther you go,” Renault sport boss Cyril Abiteboul aware of. A difficulty is that Renault invested less money into their own factory team as the top teams. Could help as the announced budget cap in formula 1. However, the current planning, this will only be introduced from 2021, and only gradually.

“We need to be in a Position to be able to win a reasonable cost the race,” says Abiteboul. But it will be 2021 at the earliest. Until then, the top teams Mercedes and Ferrari are allowed to continue to spend as much money as you want. This means in reverse conclusion, that the French, unless they also invest more money, can at the earliest be in the fight of 2021 to victories?

According to Abiteboul, it is still “too early” to forecast at this time. “To be honest, I don’t want to complain about the Situation, because when we entered in the formula 1, because we knew the circumstances,” he says. As Renault 2016 returned with a factory team, was a budget limit not yet in sight. Therefore, Abiteboul is pleased that such a limit should come at all.

It was “striking” how much the opponent to spend currently. A criticism that is not. “I respect that completely,” he explains and adds: “We just have to look at how we can emulate these guys at some point.” It was clear to him that “sometime” is a budget limit and a new distribution of the money would come. “In our opinion the [current model] is just not sustainable,” he explains.

“I think that’s all so see. Therefore, it is only a question of timing,” Abiteboul relatively relaxed. A clear goal for the season in 2019, he would like to spend by the way. In principle, it should be the aim, to improve in all areas and to close the gap to the front. Even that, however, is likely to be under the current circumstances, it is not easy at all.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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