The 40-Year-old should have to beat at noon on a ride in the großer Arber ski area during cornering with a ski pole out to the sides, said the police Zwiesel on Wednesday. He had hit a nine-year-old boy with the pole tip in the face.

The man saw that the Boy is bleeding in the snow, then drove quickly, according to police. The nine-year-old had suffered a shrapnel injury to the cutting teeth and had been brought for treatment in a special clinic.

Now the police are looking for Zwiesel, according to witnesses of the incident. The man is described as follows:

  • Approximately 40 years old
  • Approximately 1.75 meters tall
  • Corpulent
  • Round face with three-day beard
  • light blue jacket with a white Emblem on the front

The incident is supposed to have on the Arber-the level above the “Arber Stadl” occurred. Witnesses can contact the police Zwiesel under the number or any other police Department.


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