First of all, had given the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, the beater of Amberg asylum seekers. That would have meant that their asylum applications have not been processed at all and would have been very unusual. Finally, the young men were already longer in Germany. According to the Bavarian state government, this assumption is not true, however – against a defendant of the deportation process to be running already.

The white state, a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of the interior on FOCUS-Online-said demand government from the files of the competent foreigners authorities, such as. In these files waiting for you at the public Prosecutor’s office in Amberg, as a Supreme public Prosecutor’s office FOCUS Online said. Also in the case of the nationalities, there is a new insight: in contrast initially, the police stated, no Syrians among the men. A spokesman for the Bavarian interior Ministry told FOCUS Online, may, one of the accused had indicated first an Alias-identity. The will still has to be claried.

these are the most up to date information of the accused:

suspect 1: Iranians should. for almost a year to leave the country

He is 18 years old and comes from Iran According to the state government, his application for asylum was rejected and he would have to leave since February, 2018 Germany. “His deportation proceedings is already in operation,” – said in a message to the country’s Ministry of the interior. However, deportations were thwarted in Iran often lack passports or equivalent papers. Whether this is also the case that Iranians are the Problem, remained open in the first place.

suspect 2: minors in deportation ban

The Afghan mind is still a minor, according to the state government, there is a deportation ban. The state government wants to deport him as soon as he is of full age and has asked the Agency for Refugees Bamf, the deportation ban to be revoked. The Ministry spokesman said it was “with colleagues”, but I have no feedback yet, whether the deportation is taken to ban. A corresponding FOCUS-Online-request had the Bamf initially unanswered.

suspect 3: the Minister wants to take away from him training again

The Afghan is of full age and 18 to 19 years old. The exact age of prosecution and the state government, for reasons of privacy and youth protection did not provide any information. According to the state government for asylum was rejected the request of the Afghans, already in may 2017. The dispute is still.

The man wanted to take on the Bavarian administrative court of appeal – the court had not yet decided. The Afghan’m doing an apprenticeship as a chef. The Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann wants him to withdraw the permission to do so. So he wants to prevent the man benefits from a special rule that would allow him to stay in Germany during the period of training and thereafter. The so-called “3+2-control” is actually meant for well-integrated foreigners who want to do an apprenticeship, but are not entitled to asylum.

suspect 4: The asylum procedures running

The Afghan hound is an adult and has made an application for asylum is still being processed. As long as this process continues, he may not be deported. The state government has asked according to the Bamf, to decide as quickly as possible, whether the Afghan receives asylum or not.

The Prosecutor’s office does not want to say whether the accused have a criminal record or been relevant to the police are known. To justify a Prosecutor’s office with FOCUS Online, the young age of the accused: they were from the point of view of the criminal law, young people or Adolescents. For you to particularly strict data protection apply, therefore, of the commandments, to which the Prosecutor’s office.

as To the places of residence by the office of the public Prosecutor, an accused person had been discovered in Regensburg, Germany and one in Auerbach. The other two had no fixed abode.

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