The trade Union Verdi has operated for this Friday to a warning strike at the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is called. From the start of operation at 3.30 p.m. to 12.00 p.m. the employees to lay down the work, said a Verdi spokesman said on Monday the German press Agency. Affected the U-Bahn, the trams and the city buses in Berlin. In the current round of collective bargaining in the Country, Verdi wants to increase the pressure on the employer. The Berlin S-Bahn train.

Over 3,000 participants take part in the strike of the BVG

representatives of the Municipal employers ‘ Association and the Union had continued on Monday their collective bargaining negotiations. The Association submitted in the second round, no concrete offer, as had been requested by Verdi. Instead, the work proposed groups for certain topics.

The workers now want to draw on the Friday prior to the BVG Headquarters. The rally at the wood street market at least 3,000 participants would be expected to be, shared with Verdi.

“parties are still far”

In the collective bargaining for 14,000 workers of the BVG and its subsidiary, Berlin Transport demands Verdi for all a a 36.5-hour week and Christmas money, there will also be Changes to the pay table and a one-off payment of 500 euros for trade Union members.

The negotiator the employer, Claudia Pfeiffer, described the call on Monday as not feasible. “The ideas of the parties are apart at the moment.” The next hearing date is for the 5. March provided.

In the Weather Channel Now storm comes from deep Uwe: Here is 50 liters of rain mja/dpa fall in the next 12 hours


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