Christmas is fulfilled for many children around the world, the desire of your own pet. A little later, the “disillusionment”: A pet is not only sweet, it is working. The spell is broken with this realization, often quickly, and the once-sweet animal at the next highway rest stop exposed to.

California as a pioneer

in Order to provide this Trend to a halt by the state of California now to come up with something. As the news website “CNN” reported, may pet stores in California homes from now on, only dogs, cats and rabbits from animal or from a non-profit animal rescue organizations.

Who are the regulation, which since 1. January, ignored, must reckon with a penalty of up to $ 500 (the equivalent of almost 450 Euro) per animal.

A more drastic, but the right step

stop the idea behind The drastic, but quite important step: It is the so-called “Puppy Mills” (“puppy mills”) and “Kitten Factories” (“kitten factories”).

In this “pet farms” farmed animals in masses, and then with a high profit sold. The health of the animals is usually not a concern.

when you draw Germany?

One can only hope that Germany and other countries on the U.S. state and over a similar law think.

Because already in the year 2017, more than 34 million Pets lived in Germany – and the trend is rising. One can only speculate how many of them end up on the street or in a shelter.

of Course nobody should be banned, a pet. But basically, Make them aware that you are a living being responsible, that takes a lot of time and Affection, and the “maintenance” costs money, too!

stop buy from breeders!

Who wants to have a dog, a cat or a rabbit for yourself or a loved one, you should look over before visiting the breeder first at the nearest animal shelter.

Because, in principle, Adopt don’t shop “” (Adopt, not buy)! The small four-legged friends at the shelter, wait eagerly for a loving home. One that they could not find their previous owners.

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