In the next year following the announcements did. Then the German attack in great style in the electromobility race. On the premiere plan, such long-awaited Stromer, such as the Porsche Taycan and the VW I. D. Neo. But there are also classic new hot sports car, and a thickness of the SUV, for example. FOCUS Online shows what comes in 2019.

electric cars: From the people-power to Hyper-Shocker

During the Zuffenhausen-based company with the peculiar name for the performance-oriented premium customers should be the VW, which celebrates the fall of its world premiere, an electric Volkswagen. At 4.25 meters long, Newly-wolf Burger more range belongs to the special equipment, and therefore costs extra charge: between 330 and 550 kilometres, you will come up with Wolfsburg’s electric vehicle. The starting price for the I. D. Neo is supposed to be just under 30,000 euros. Mini tries to counter with an all-electric Version of the classic, while the E-SUV Kia plays Niro with 150 kW / 204 HP and a range of up to 615 miles in the City cycle, the practicality card. In this discipline, the all-electric Lifestyle cube Soul EV is not likely to cut much worse. dpa/Kia Stromer: The new electric E-Niro Kia’s.

After the Audi electric SUV e-Tron opened later, the electric-Offensive, according to the Ingolstadt-based car maker with the send e-Tron Sportback. The technology of 2019 comes, however, from the little rustic brother, the car comes on the market. All the electric cars in Germany: Configurator, test, data, test drives

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BMW’s electric SUV iX3 is slightly smaller than the competitor from Ingolstadt and wants to snatch the Mercedes EQC customers in front of the nose. If this succeeds, it will show in July, when the star-Stromer is at the Start. Very elegant, the Aston Martin Rapide E. technical data for The British catapult him into the ranks of the Hyper-cars: some 736 kW / 1000 HP and a range of 320 kilometers. Speaking of Hyper cars: Aston Martin’s next year, the Valkyrie in the quiver, which is also set to have around 736 kW / 1000 HP and in cooperation with Red Bull emerged. Supposedly this car is sold out for the road, despite a price of 3.5 million euros. The SUV Aston Martin DBS is to retract whopping profits. Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design VW Golf 8. He comes 2019

Compact Stars: the New Golf and the new Corolla

In the C-Segment king Golf VIII wields the scepter. The top dog in the designated Segment is optically and technically upgraded. In addition to some of the new assistance systems, a 48-Volt mild hybrid will hold in the eighth Generation of the Wolfsburg bestseller catchment. The Golf-brother, the Seat Leon comes almost at the same time on the market. Toyota the Toyota Auris is now playing again in the Corolla.

Toyota in the Golf class only a minor role, after all, the Auris is now back to Corolla. What is the Golf has always been common, it means if the BMW a fundamental paradigm shift: The 1-series will have from 2019, a front-wheel drive. One man’s meat is another man’s sorrow: In the resulting sporting gap in the Alfa Romeo will encounter with the new edition of the Giulietta. The compact Italian gets not only the face of big brother, Giulia, but also a large part of the technology. Can only hope that the Infotainment sophisticated and the look and feel of the cockpit is handsome.

FOCUS Online New 3 series BMW in the Video Test Audi A3: the Only five-door

Audi Slims down its Compact class diversity: The new A3 comes only as a five-door hatchback. The three-door model and the convertible will no longer be continued. Ford is not against the German Duo of the Ford Focus ST, the crack the 300 HP mark, but with a tradition of good suspension, it will be. The Hyundai i30 N the sizable Fastback variant. The same attribute that earned the Kia ceed Shooting Brake. New ways also Mazda comes with the Mazda 3 with a gasoline engine with compression ignition and a daring Design with a very long bonnet, later on, the sedan follows. Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design, The new Audi A3 appears to 2019

For Opel, the new Corsa, which is on the PSA, the CMP platform is an important model, especially since it will be the small car as a BEV. At almost the same time Peugeot makes the technically closely-related 208 from the stack. In the fall of the French set with some hybrid models, including the 3008 Hybrid4 and the 508 as a PHEV. The Renault Clio is expected in the autumn. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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German Power classic: RS7, RS6, and M8

In the middle-class, Audi is attempting a major Facelift of the A4 in the range B9 to offer the new BMW 3-series, the rolls from March to the traders. Therefore, the A4 also gets the Cockpit of the A6 and A8 – will that be enough? Probably the PS-Division of the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt will be at the end of the year, with the RS 7, the RS 6 Avant, the brutal Lamborghini Urus-technical brother, the Audi RS Q8 and the somewhat civilised RS Q3 growth. A sensation of the coupe-like Q3 Sportback. An exciting duel to the buyers favor supply, the Audi S8 and the smooth BMW 8er Gran coupe. To whom the power is not enough, should be equal access to the BMW M8, with 463 kW / 630 HP enough propulsion. Exciting also the new Skoda Octavia to be significantly different from the current model. VWs former bread-and-Butter car, the Passat gets a comprehensive Facelift. Volvo has the new S60 and focuses on chic Design and four-cylinder engines. BMW, BMW M8 Gran coupe

New BMW Z4 and super sports car McLaren

The fresh-air-Fans offers from March about the new BMW Z4, which was created in collaboration with Toyota and the Bentley Continental GTC. Power is expected to Top in the UK-with no-skid, thanks to the W12 motor, enough. Alternatively, a V8 engine is still a choice. McLaren brings a whole bouquet of flowers to fast open racers: The 720-S and the 600 LT come as a Spyder. The new Porsche 911 is due to new assistance systems for everyday use, but also 50 pounds of weight. Nevertheless, the driving will be improved services. More than a class, including the Toyota Supra from the cooperation with BMW benefits. McLaren the 720S Spider up to 341 km/h can be Closed quickly.

Hybrid Bentley’s new Range Rover

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid drive is powered by the combination of a V6, three-litre petrol engine with an electric machine. Long expected, the BMW X7 is expected to be in March and rounds out the range of the Munich-based SUVs, which will ensure, especially in the United States for pleasure. The BMW X1 gets a facelift compliments and the pair of brothers X3 and X4, there are from the summer of 2019 as M-Version. Its buyers will also find the Cayenne coupe. Other ambitions of the Citroen C5 Aircross, without resorting to all-wheel drive, but with space and comfort will points. So far, the PSA precious daughter’s DS has a hard time in the next year, the DS 3 cross back,and the PHEV DS7 cross back with the add-on name, E-Tense 4×4 of the weary a premium brand to breathe a bit of life. Land Rover, The Range Rover Evoque is in the second Generation

compressor Power, the Jaguar F-Pace SVR sets with 405 kW / 550 HP. The sister brand Land Rover in the spring of the second Generation of the Evoque in to the showrooms. Mercedes sends the new edition of the GLE with the current MBUX-Infotainment into the race. More space has to lose, the Mercedes GLS, thanks to new architecture a lot of weight. Clearly conventional, the Ford Kuga on the road, which will also be launched in August next year, as well as the Toyota RAV4. The VW T-Cross is meant to bring Lifestyle attitude a breath of fresh air.

FOCUS Online Mercedes CLS in French: can the new Peugeot sedan


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