With Fernando Alonso’s parting loses the formula 1 to one of its greatest sons. Carlos Sainz will try to 2019, to follow in the footsteps of his Spanish countryman, role model and mentor. The 24-Year-old praises his Idol in the highest tones and hopes that Alonso will one day find their way back into the Premier class.

“Fernando is a great character. He was always very helpful and extremely friendly. That makes me him even more to admire, apart from its results,” Sainz, who will be driving from 2019, in the case of McLaren. Alonso was the reason why the native of Madrid has started with the formula sport. As the Asturier his two world Championships celebrated the title, was Sainz junior eleven respectively twelve years old.

Meanwhile, the family Sainz is connected with Alonso closely. “He has helped me very much in every Situation. Therefore, I owe him a Lot,” says Sainz openly and honestly. Also the signature at McLaren, he consulted with the double world champion. Alonso has was able to draw by 312 Race starts very much experience of the Sainz.

About Alonso’s Talent, the son of rally don’t want to say legend Carlos Sainz Sr., “not much”. Sainz feels happy to have Alonso in McLaren in the last four years in the midfield and fought for. “This has helped me a lot. Even if it was odd to see him not at the top fight for wins. His Talent is out of the question. He is one of the Greatest this Sport has ever produced.”

Therefore, will not miss, only he personally Alonso, but the formula 1 in General. “She’s losing a great character. Perhaps one of the most complete drivers, if not the most complete driver in Motorsport to date. For the “king’s class” this is a tragic loss. I hope that he will come back one day and again for the formula 1 is on fire.”

Whether the formula has failed to 1 Alonso, don’t want to Sainz judge. “That was his personal decision. I don’t know if it has left the formula 1 in the stitch. I just hope that he can come back in the future and back to the title fight.” Alonso has been criticized prior to his resignation on several occasions how unfair the king’s class is up to date and that you have only the three top teams a Chance at wins and titles.

“Maybe he’ll be back in a formula 1 that works a little more balanced. He would probably find attractive, where the driver again, the big difference,” says Sainz. “That’s what we all want, even if you were to ask Lewis [Hamilton] and the Topjungs.” In 2019, the 37-Year-old is in the endurance world championship (WEC), the IndyCar and Daytona to compete.

This article was written by Maria Reyer, Co-author: Oleg Karpov

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