1. July 2014 was introduced, the mothers ‘ pension. This year, it will be extended. Who has the right to the mothers ‘ pension, should be 1, therefore, from the. March view daily in his mailbox. But what the Change means in concrete terms?

mothers ‘ pension, I

mothers who have raised children, you can Supplement your statutory pension with the mothers pension. The children will be credited to the education times. Mothers whose children were born before 1992 will receive two retirement points per child. For children born from 1992 onwards, respectively, are credited with three pension points.

mothers ‘pension, II

The pension reform, 2019 (mothers’ pension, II) provides that mothers whose children were born before 1992, will receive half a pension point for more – starting in March, so 2,5 pension points . This means that you will get a higher mothers ‘ pension. Per child and per month there are in the East, 15.35 Euro , in the West, even 16,02 Euro – makes around 190 euros per year. PDF Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide

mothers, the since 1. January are in retirement, will receive the mothers ‘ pension II with immediate effect. The Change also applies to mothers who are already longer in the rest. Stock of pensioners, mothers pension II from 1. March and backdated to 1. January.

Who is entitled to all the mothers pension?

Not only mothers, also fathers can receive mothers ‘ pensions. Is entitled to the one parent that raised the child. This is dealt with in Paragraph 56 of the code of social law (SGB).

Have educated both parents and the child together, to be associated with the child-raising periods to one of the parents. In a statement, you can determine to whom the parental leave is to be associated with it.

As a child-raising periods according to SGB, the “times of raising a child in the first three years of life.”

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What now?

the mothers ‘ pension, II only parents whose children were born before 1992. Who has received starting in 1992, children, receives already three pension points for each child. With the pension reform of 2019, the government wants to achieve an equal position of all parents.

In the coalition agreement was originally set to only parents with at least three prior to 1992, children born to claim for mothers pension II, and thus an additional pension point for each child should receive.

This was changed in the meantime. Now also parents with one or two children are entitled to the mothers ‘ pension, II have if they are born before 1992. However, there is now only one half of the additional pension point for each child – for parents with three or more children.

What you need to do to get mothers pension? the

  • The mothers ‘pension, you do not need to apply for
  • However, you need an application for recognition of child rearing times
  • please contact the Deutsche Rentenversicherung
  • if you already receive pension, you need to do nothing

How high is the mothers’ pension will be?

the System of mothers ‘ pensions is based on pension points. Currently, a pension corresponds to point in East Germany, 30,69 Euro , in West Germany, even 32,03 EUR . How high is the mothers ‘ pension is the pension reform in 2019?

numeric example

A mother from Frankfurt-am-Main has three children, who were born in 1985, 1987 and 1988. Previously, you had to claim on a monthly mothers ‘ pension, of 192,18 EUR. With the mothers pension II there are 240,23 EUR 48,05 EUR more. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

But beware: on Both the mothers ‘pension, as well as on the contract, the mothers’ pension, II, contributions to health and nursing care insurance as well as taxes.

What is the cost of the mothers ‘ pension, II the state?

The expansion of the mothers ‘ pension is only a part of the in the autumn of last year, adopted a pension package. Should only cost around 3.8 billion euros per year.

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