Healthier diet plan for the new year, 49 percent of Germans. After all, 34 percent wanted to start at the beginning of 2019 on a diet. And You? You have abandoned your good intentions in the first week of the new year already? Then you are in good company! Are you looking at but just for Chips and beer, while the others struggle.

163,3 pounds. Including Tattoos FOCUS Online

The private transmitter cable1 power on “The Biggest Loser”. The most serious candidate brings 163,3 pounds on the scale. The man is called Wilm and is a professional tattoo artist. Despite his Jobs with the TV-participants was “surprisingly straightforward”, as the babble joyful TV chef Sebastian says. What he means, exactly, remains his secret.

As one of “farmer seeks wife” texted Screenshot cable1 At the beginning of the contest all had to be on the scale.

It’s about the Competition while trying to lose weight. In addition to the more prominent stove guardian must give his name and his love handles: “Rosins fat fight – Yummy slim with Frank” is the name of the Show. As it would have sealed one of “farmer seeks wife”. It is like in the barn, only without the fat of beef. Clean you can see.

Sex and food – the best sustainably

“Sustainable” is also present in this new weight-loss programme, the magic word. As the industry in the long term is to produce that Sex is to be sustainably maintained, the policy is to be sustainable. Sustainable also needs to be slimmed down. And with a loud diet Trends, whose Lasting to exceed the shelf life of a yogurt rarely. Low Carb or Low Fat, 16:8 or 5:2, Paleo or Asian. “Megaaaaaa”, promises Frank Rosin. And calls lasting for “fresh food”. The chicken comes directly from the sustainable existing plastic packaging in the super market. Screenshot cable1 The first training session ended for a candidate kotzend over the trash can.

The OWL wants Frank Rosin schafffen

The fight goes to the Puke. Anyone who makes a lot of Sport, must pass. For this, one passes to the winner at the end of 10,000 euros. That’s the Deal. In the meantime threatens the gear to the scale. Frank Rosin writes: “Dear of Eat sweating as a Sport.” He brings a total of 123.8 pounds. The OWL, he wants to create, so under 100 pounds. “I you can die here,” gasps and groans, the TV chef and rise the stairs.

fatty liver, not for human consumption

But as his colleague Sebastian to him, attest to a fatty liver. By the way, is not suitable for consumption. Worse still, The doctor gives him overweight a megaaaaaa-bad diagnosis: “pathological.” Obesity in the technical term, and with a 125 cm abdominal circumference. Rosin is ashamed: “dude, if the one listening!” After the first weigh-in, half-naked, says Frank Rosin: “Very embarrassing, shit!” the Screenshot cable1 The medical examination of Frank Rosin to start resulted in nothing good.

mother’s Rosin says: “Boy, do just what is right in life!”

Nutella, beer, Chips, Mayo – all of which now there is no more for four months for the candidates. As mother puts it this way: “Boy, do just what is right in life!” The TV fees are expected to be fat. Anyone who wants to slim down in mind already? The former star chef has also lost ten pounds in two and a half weeks, moving the Brutzler but then: “I was crying in front of it.” If it is the rate helps, always happy.

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