How to British media, the court already in the middle of December, that must choose the parents of the two grandchildren, the other had to stay in China for the parents of the mother. Now, the grandparents are forced to have decided, and took the six-year-old Alice home with me.

“We are overjoyed that we are able to bring Alice home, but it breaks our heart that we have to leave Jack here,” said the grandfather of the two children of the “Mail on Sunday”.

her brother, Jack must stay at his Chinese grandparents. Allegedly, the British grandparents have made a payment of just under 10,000 euros to the Chinese family, before they could take their Grand-daughter.

family had no contact with

The mother of the two children was sentenced after killing her husband to life imprisonment. The six-year-old girl Alice and the eight-year-old Boy, Jack, came with her grandparents – took away from them, apparently, the fate of their parents, such as the BBC writes.

The grandfather told the station: “The family has the kids in 21 months one Time to see it.” Would you call your grandson, nor send them gifts or cards can send. Of great Britain from the grandparents want to continue to fight for her grandson Jack.

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