On the 27. January is the International day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust – exactly the Film is supposed to be. The special feature: AfD-voters will get free admission, according to the Portal “Bento” reported.

The AfD sums up this action as “an example of the discrimination and defamation of others to think”. In contrast, the management of the cinemas is fighting. In a Statement, it says: Our intention is clearly not the exclusion or vilification of the AfD, that so many feel strongly attacked is our intention and incomprehensible to us.”

“trivialization of the events at that time,”

You do not say, AfD-voters are Nazis – “if you are in need of historical elucidation”, spent at your own discretion. “Our assessment is that the AfD party program, however, but a trivialization of those events.”

it is intended To offer with the action a place to talk. After the screening there should be the opportunity to do so.

The FOCUS of Online/non-stop news 39-Year-old Hand – blows- Known by Detonation also pk violated


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