the roof of a detached house and its rear extension with integral Garage burned out completely. Almost 70 forces of the voluntary fire Uetersen, new dyke and Great Northern fight back at the end of several hours were busy with the fire. The residents of the house came due to slight circulation problems as a precaution to the hospital. The cause of the fire, the police determined. The Volunteer fire Department Uetersen was called at 12.37 p.m., initial to a Car fire in a Garage. While the directions of the forces, the station increased the cue to fire larger Standard. Locally high flame met the volunteers of meters. In the case of the burning vehicle was a van with a gas engine. The Gas blew because of the heat with Pressure and generated the strong flame. The fire directly on the roof of the family house. Operations Director Karsten Schütt let the neighboring brigades from new dyke and Great Northern nachalarmieren end with other respiratory protective device makers. In a combined Interior and exterior attack, the fire was fought, that had eaten its way into the insulation of the roof. A B-pipe, three C-Rohrer, as well as, at times, the turning tube of the rotary head. The roof was covered by the basket of the rotary head part. In the ceiling of the flat roof cultivation was created with a rescue saw, an exhaust air opening. Ultimately, this tract was to be demolished but with the help of an excavator, in order to get to all of the brand acetate. In order to give the excavators a means of access to the property, had to be felled some trees. The damping-down and clean-up work to last the hour (17 hrs). The levee road was blocked for the time of the use. The hose cart of the district fire brigade Association of Pinneberg brought supply of materials to the work site. Also, the Deputy district military leader Stefan Mohr was informed about the fire.

forces FF Uetersen: 40 with 8 vehicles FF new dike: 13 with 2 vehicles FF Large North end: 10 with 1 vehicle KFV Pinneberg: Vice-Chairman. Circle defense leader, hose cart, press spokesman for the rescue service RKiSH: 2 RTW police and criminal investigation Department head: Karsten Schütt, military leader of the FF Uetersen

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