Coburg/Kronach – A married couple from the district must Kronach responsible for a number of weeks, due to severe sexual abuse of children before the regional court in Coburg. According to prosecutors, the 54-year-old Truck to have a driver of his step-daughter for the first time, immoral approached, as the girl was twelve years old. In the episode of the man if the child is 14 Times of severe sexual abuse (the NP reported). Particularly oppressive in the case: The 39-year-old mother is said to have been involved in the Attacks. You should have asked your child to, among other things, to satisfy the stepfather.

By the process is excluded from the Public. The reasons of the presiding judge Stephan hunter called once at the beginning of the third Hearing day on Wednesday. Accordingly, the exclusion of the Public is in the best interest of the now 16-year-old girl. The Board had weighed the public interest and the protection of privacy, exactly, hunter. “The victim needs special protection because the Alleged crimes are particularly serious,” said the judge. So the audience had to wait most of the time in front of the door.

The Day of the trial began with the appearance of the accused, wanted to comment, according to his lawyer Björn Kleyhauer contrary to initial hints about the allegations. After one and a half hours of questioning, the chamber, the lawyers, the Prosecutor and the representative of the next action to an understanding in conversation withdrew. As judge hunter pointed out then, did Prosecutor Frank Dietze in the case of a confession to the mother a sentence of five years for the stepfather, a prison sentence of seven years. Lawyer Kleyhauer looked at his client in the case of a confession, only a maximum sentence of six years, as appropriate. The lawyer for the mother, Michael Left, fixed the ceiling of his client for three years, if you would give the deeds.

The lawyer of co-plaintiff, Frank Jung, Kunz, representing the victim, was aware of no opinion. “His client, it is important that a confession is submitted by two and a supplementary examination be spared,” said judge hunter. Also, the chamber is not positioned themselves to limit to a maximum, but stressed that it should not be any confessions to mere formal confessions.

After another Pause, the lawyer Kleyhauer said: “My mandate is a confession, but only if the defendant places too.” The 39-Year-old and denied instead of the Alleged crimes.

Under the partial exclusion practices to the Public, a police Detective and a teacher to the witness stand, they continue to be, the biological father of the child and the twin sister said.


The hearing will be at the

27. February continued.

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