Sea-Watch, asked my colleagues and me to support for a political solution for the Refugees aboard the Sea Watch-3. This invitation we followed. The position of the passengers on the Sea-Watch 3 is serious.

the rescue team from the Sea-Watch is in charge of the largest efforts devoted to the Refugees, but the Situation on Board is getting worse, The traumatised people, including three children aged one, six and seven years, cold, winter storms, seasickness, and scarce food and water rations suspended. Therefore, the ship must get immediately to a safe port assigned!

A scene that sums up the incredible Situation upsetting. A young West Africans went overboard in front of our eyes. He wanted to swim ashore. Thank God he was rescued from the water. In the cold and the Wind, he would have had no Chance. He Expressed a willing, driven by this insane location, in the shadow of Europe. The people I’ve met here, struggling as refugees in distress for Survival. This we must preserve, and you Would be back as a people.

Private SPD member of the German Bundestag, Helge Lindh aboard the rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3”.

the refugee question should not be on the water

Yes, I, too, am of the opinion that we need a European solution to the issue of the search and rescue. But until then – and this is a humanitarian reason would have to be a consensus that we cannot allow people not on the Mediterranean sea to die. The question of the admission of Refugees cannot be resolved and allowed on the water.

In a similarly difficult situation as the Sea-Watch 3 of the research vessel “Professor Albrecht Penck” of the Regensburger NGO Sea-Eye, which had taken on the weekend of 17 Refugees on Board is up to date.

It needs safe-havens. And it must be the nearest. A total systemic solution and help in the acute emergency are no Alternatives. The disagreement and the complexity of the European refugee policy must not be on the lake held. The solutions are to be found on Land, the 49 refugees from the two ships have to find the recording. Alone in Germany, municipalities are sufficiently willing. In addition, a permanent Ad-hoc mechanism is to be found as quickly as possible. Can’t wait to Be a European distribution mechanism. Because the Need is not complex, but simple. The people would not, which ends at Germany’s external borders and the Mediterranean sea for a break.

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the suffering of the people is real. It is better if we turn a blind eye. On the contrary, It is worse. We politicians have to look right. I therefore appeal to the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer and other Responsible parties within the EU: Look at that! Let the people on the Mediterranean sea not to die. They allow those cities that have declared their willingness, already, to the of war, flight and expulsion of oppressed people.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “act of shame”: a German refugee Savior send appeal to Merkel-government, refugees in the Mediterranean sea rescue ship


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